While teachers and students took advantage of the summer to enjoy their annual vacation, an Algerian teacher did a remarkable feat, spending her vacation decorating her classroom for the equivalent of $13,<>, which sparked widespread interaction on social media platforms.

Ramissa Khallaf, a teacher at the Mazdoura al-Rabie primary school in the Algerian province of Mila, worked during the summer months to decorate and equip the classroom for her students, as photos circulating on social media showed the big difference between the state of the class before and after decorating the teacher.

Media outlets quoted the teacher as saying that upgrading the classroom cost 260 million Algerian centimes, equivalent to about 13,<> US dollars, and she alone bore this cost from her own money.

According to teacher Ramisa, this amount was spent on changing the classroom's tiles and roof, installing an electronic blackboard and loudspeakers, placing special drawers for students, in addition to hanging maps and knowledge boards.

Celebration and preservation

In its episode on (2023/9/25), the Shaabat program monitored part of the interaction of social media pioneers with what the Algerian teacher did, including what Amina wrote: "God willing, service and mastery here the professor serves with all spirit, a wonderful initiative that gives you health."

While Ryanne also celebrated the matter by tweeting: "God bless, I wish all school sections would be in such a beautiful and wonderful suit," Scylla had another opinion: "For me, this is not a typical study department. This is typical for distraction, and these colors are full and letters in the floor and things are very Zaidin."

While Noureddine Yasser's celebration carried a sarcastic tone, writing: "A section with international standards, but do not test students in this type of section because all the information is written on its walls."

Shams tweeted: "Oh good my God and people say Japan we too can be better than them if we want."

Commenting on the Shabakat program, teacher Ramissa stressed that this initiative is personal, carried out in the service of her students in the public school, most of whom belong to the low-income group, considering the skeptical talk about the cost of this development aimed at creating confusion.