"We share with you sad news," announced Igor Gómez this Sunday at the end of the second edition of the Telediario. Santiago Cuevas, cameraman and reporter of RTVE has died this weekend, and his colleagues have wanted to pay a small tribute, both on television and on social networks.

"A great professional and a great person, very loved by all of us who work in the News Services of TVE", assured the presenter of the Telediario weekend, while images of Santiago Cuevas were shown, camera in hand, and took the opportunity to send "a big hug to his family".

"The last time we worked together was in the French presidential elections, and it made magic to make a connection full of obstacles with the Telediario," he added, already in his personal profile of X (before, Twitter)

The death of the veteran TVE cameraman has left many of his colleagues orphaned, who have mourned the loss in their social profiles. "Santiago Cuevas is gone, one of the best reporters of TVE," said Alejandra Herranz, presenter of Telediario 1 replacing Ana Blanco, "great professional, good partner, and better person. If you went out with him and Javi you knew, always, that you were going to have a good time ... We will miss you very much, buddy."

Also Jenaro Castro, director and presenter of Plano General in La 2, has sent condolences to the family and friends of Santiago Cuevas: "There is no informative television without photojournalists, and Santiago was one of the best. One of his last works was for Plano General".

"An extraordinary professional and a beautiful person. Always generous, he enjoyed his work and helped his colleagues," added Canal 24 Horas presenter Moisés Rodríguez.

Also Rosana Romero, new director of Sports of RTVE, has paid her particular tribute to Santiago Cuevas: "Santi Cuevas was a wonderful person and he was also a sensational reporter. He worked with smiles and kindness and with a unique look to make reality beautiful. Last Monday he thanked me for all the good I had given him. No, Santi, the good one is you. DEP".

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