The final of the Chirito Techin Cup National Women's Rakugo Contest, in which women who love rakugo compete in storytelling, was held in Obama City, Fukui Prefecture on the 24th.

This tournament is held every year after NHK's TV series "Chirito Techin," which features a woman from Obama City who aspires to become a rakugo artist.

The 15th edition of the tournament was attended by 83 people from all over Japan, and the final tournament was held with six players who won the preliminary round.

Among them, Mr. Ichifuku Mitsutei, who performed a performance called "Toki Udon," humorously played a scene of a customer trying to cheat payment by asking the owner of the udon restaurant for the time, which elicited laughter from the audience.

In addition, "Hiro-chan," who participated from Kyoto, performed "Ko wa Kasugai," a performance in which a child intercedes between a couple who were once on a relationship.

When she shared her own experiences of raising children and her thoughts on her family, she gave the performance in a fast-paced manner to loud applause.

As a result of the judging, "Hiro-chan" won the Grand Prix this year.

Hiro-chan said, "I'm really happy that I was able to stand on this stage, which many people aspire to, and that I was able to win the Grand Prix, and I will continue to practice."