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If last week flowers were the protagonists of the best outfits of Queen Letizia in her public appearances, today, at the Retina Eco Awards 2023, where the most outstanding projects are recognized for their innovation, impact on sustainability and the fight against climate change, technology and other environmental or social aspects related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Today the absolute king of the look has been the color.

Remember that exactly a week ago, Queen Letizia wore in Barcelona a premiere design by Dries Van Noten, jacquard, pure lines, without flight and with the peculiarity of a print of very delicate stems with golden flowers made with lurex. And, a few days later, on her visit to London to attend the main event of World Cancer Research Day, flowers continued to be the common denominator of royal style with a silk cocktail dress with a skirt of tables from the pre-fall collection presented in 2019 by Giorgio Armani.

Well, no prints this time, the big bet for the awards held at the Royal Tapestry Factory Foundation in Madrid, which celebrates its third edition (the Queen has not missed any of the occasions), instead, has been turquoise, absolute color in the design chosen by Her Majesty. Vivid tone, very summery, as the temperatures in the capital command today, far removed from the two 'total black look' that he wore in previous editions of the awards.

The turquoise dress of Queen Letizia, with black accessories. GTRES

Queen Letizia is strongly committed to turquoise

The almost 30 degrees that have been reached today in Madrid have favored that Queen Letizia continues to show us very summery looks, both for the shape (sleeveless), and for the color, a daring turquoise alive very much in the style of a holiday by the sea.

The chosen dress, which is from Zara, despite not being printed with flowers, like last Monday's by Dries Van Noten, follows a similar silhouette, straight, which both favors the monarch – although there are few times that she opts for designs with wide flight skirts very 50s, like the Carolina Herrera with which he gave another stroke of style last July, for the opening ceremony of the Gallery of the Royal Collections.

The original point to the chosen design, in addition to the striking color that enhances the tan tone of her arms (which she maintains all year round), is the knot that she presents at shoulder height, which makes the neckline close, well attached to the neck, drawing a subtle draping.

But not only. The long midi pencil skirt that presents the dress has a strategic opening, discreet and yet trendy, on one side of it.

The Zara dress, made with fabric in a mixture of linen and viscose, is available on the web for a price of 39.95 euros (also in gray).

The chosen accessories have gone towards neutrality, so as not to highlight the prominence of the rest of the color: a thin belt and very high slingback lounges, all in black.

Detail of the knot on the shoulder and the earrings of green stones of Queen Letizia.GTRES

Queen Letizia's earrings

Matching the turquoise of the dress, although of a more intense green, the emerald of the gems of the same, the Queen has worn long earrings of several pendant precious stones, chandelier type.

The signature Tous, the Spanish jewelry brand, a regular in the royal jeweler, and are a cascade of emeralds on yellow gold, it seems that an exclusive design.

Queen Letizia in 2021, in a dress by María Malo.GTRES

Queen Letizia and her double in black for the same occasion

In September 2021, and still wearing a mask, Queen Letizia wanted to accompany these same awards in her debut. For the occasion, sustainability was the message underlying her premiere dress, from a Spanish brand. It was an elegant and striking black dress of the brand María Malo (cost 129 euros), made of organic bamboo. A large V-neckline left her shoulders in the air, she wore a marked waist and the length was midi, of course very trendy, like everything she usually wears.

As accessories, he got off the summer espadrilles that he used so much (and uses today) in summer, and got back on his usual Carolina Herrera undercut stilettos, those high heels that fit less and less, or intermittently in any case, choosing lower salons due to his foot problem, Morton's neuroma.

Queen Letizia's leather kimono in 2022.GTRES

In the second edition of these same awards, held in 2022, he repeated triumphant model, which he had worn on several occasions, always successfully, also in black: a leather kimono from & Other Stories with flared sleeves and a front peak neckline that corresponds to an opening in the back. Let's not forget that the monarch is a fan of leather garments, including a maroon pencil skirt by Hugo Boss that Meghan Markle also has in her closet.

That time, no stilettos, but high-heeled sandals, a shoe that Queen Letizia does not use on too many occasions.

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