With over 150 thousand followers on Instagram, Meme Lord Jeki is one of the biggest in the Swedish meme sphere. He himself calls himself Sweden's biggest national hump.

"I want people to appreciate my nonsense," Meme Lord Jeki told Culture News.

Although he makes fun of people in public, he himself wishes to remain anonymous.

"I have no need to go public. The people I make memes about have chosen to be public and then I think you should expect to be joked with, he says.

The posts on Instagram are based on both popular culture phenomena and political satire, with both famous people and ruling politicians as well as characters from various children's books and games.

Adult book in children's book packaging

Now Meme Lord Jeki debuts with the book "Find Uffe" which is inspired by the children's book "Where is Hugo?", with illustrations by Axel Wingborg.

"The book is a satirical dystopia. It's the present drawn to its extreme," says Meme Lord Jeki.

In the satirical book, Ulf Kristersson is missing, he is as small as a match and can hardly be found.

"He's hiding in different environments where he's had a hand in the game," says Meme Lord Jeki.

Among other things, the Prime Minister is hiding in a care home run by companion robots, but also in a chaotic Skansen. Ebba Busch's scalp has suffered a lice invasion.

"I've taken a meme idea and turned it into a book idea," says Meme Lord Jeki.

Does your social criticism lean in a certain political direction?

"If you follow me and see my memes, you can probably guess where I stand politically, but at the same time I make sure to make fun of all politicians because all politicians deserve to be pushed along," says Meme Lord Jeki.

How do you come up with all the memes?

"I'm probably just sick in the head," he says.