In Omihachiman City, Shiga Prefecture, an event was held to light up sculptural works made from the "reed" of Lake Biwa.

The reeds that grow in clusters on the shores of Lake Biwa not only improve water quality but also provide habitat for fish and birds.

In Omihachiman City, an executive committee made up of volunteers involved in environmental conservation activities holds an annual "Yoshi Lantern Exhibition" in which sculptural works made from reed trees are lined up and lights are lit in order to raise interest in the environment of Lake Biwa.

A lighting ceremony was held on the 23rd near the western lake connected to Lake Kotoshimobiwa, and when a total of 361 works created by local children and others were lit by light bulbs, the area was enveloped in a fantastic atmosphere.

Among them, the Biwako giant catfish object of the art club of Otsu Commercial High School is about 3 meters long, and the reed braided looks like a catfish's beard and has a lovely appearance.

In addition, in order to convey the positive feelings of the Japan national team who are struggling at the Rugby World Cup in France, there is also a work that expresses a circular ball with reeds.

Kazuya Kino, chairman of the executive committee, said, "I'm glad that so many people came, and the smiles on the faces of the children who create the works are also empowering."