In response to the sexual assault issue of Mr. Johnny Kitagawa, Japan Television President Akira Ishizawa revealed that he had requested Johnny's Office in writing to review the organization, and at that time, he asked them to reconsider changing the company name.

At a regular press conference on September 25, Japan TV President Ishizawa stated that he "does not think that Johnny's Office's series of responses to this problem is sufficient" and revealed that he had made a written request to the company on September 9.

Specifically, in order to ▼ implement appropriate compensation for victims, implement measures to prevent recurrence, and ▼ review the organization to create an environment where affiliated talents can easily work, ▽ At this time, ▽ change the company name and ▽ separate the organization that compensates and manages victims were also requested to be reconsidered.

Regarding the appointment of talent for future programs, he said, "The key is whether we can firmly formulate a policy that will earn trust," and indicated that he will pay close attention to the contents of the management policy that Johnny's Office will announce on October 20.

On the other hand, since the investigation report of a special team of external experts pointed out that "silence in the media" was one of the reasons behind this problem, Japan TV also announced its intention to conduct internal hearings on past media reports and announce the results in some form.