An NPO that mediates egg donation from a third party to women suffering from infertility due to illness reported on its activities so far and revealed that 10 children were born from eggs donated by third parties in Japan over a period of about 12 years.

This was revealed by OD-NET, an NPO made up of patients' families and medical professionals, at a press conference on the 25th.

This organization is recruiting women to become egg donors in Japan and is promoting activities to mediate for women who wish to give birth by egg donation due to infertility caused by illness.

According to the organization, in the past 10 years or so, we have mediated 20 egg donations, and 12 of them have given birth, which means that there are no health problems for both mother and child.

In addition, one is currently pregnant and five are expected to receive treatment later this year.

According to the organization, the issue is that the national system and laws for egg donation from third parties in Japan have not been sufficiently developed, and only a few women have registered as egg donors in this organization.

Sachiko Kishimoto, president of OD-NET, said, "I have heard that there are many egg donors overseas, but there are few donors in Japan. I hope that we will promote the creation of a system that allows people to receive medical care quickly and with peace of mind."