The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department held a traffic safety class for international students to let foreigners visiting the Japan know the traffic rules for electric kickboards, which have been available without a driver's license since July.

From July, electric scooters that meet certain criteria such as maximum speed and body size can be used without a driver's license for those over 7 years old.

In order to make foreign visitors from Japan overseas aware of traffic rules, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department held a traffic safety class for about 16 international students attending Japanese schools in Toshima Ward, Tokyo on May 25.

First, using a leaflet newly created by the Metropolitan Police Department that explains the traffic rules for electric scooters in four languages, including English and Chinese, we explained that police officers generally drive on the left side of the roadway and the meaning of the road signs on the Japan.

Next, an electric kickboard was test-driven, and the international students learned how to adjust the speed and how to operate the steering wheel.

A Chinese exchange student who participated said, "Traffic rules in Japan are stricter than in China, but I want to follow them for safety."

Ryota Ozaki, chief of the Traffic and General Affairs Division of the Metropolitan Police Department, said, "Traffic rules differ from country to country, so I want foreigners to learn from them.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, the number of traffic violations involving electric scooters in Tokyo has increased sharply from 7 in July to 355 last month, and they continue to call for thorough enforcement of traffic rules.