Due to the problem of school lunches, dormitories, and other meals no longer being provided nationwide, we learned that the Hiroshima City company "Hoyu", which provided meals, received a decision from the Hiroshima District Court to start bankruptcy proceedings.

The total amount of debt is 16.8000 billion yen.

The Hiroshima District Court decided to start bankruptcy proceedings with Hoyu, which is headquartered in Naka-ku, Hiroshima City.

Hoyu has been involved in school lunches, student dormitories, and cafeterias for government offices, but since the beginning of this month, it has been unable to provide it at facilities all over the country.

According to the bankruptcy trustee's lawyer, the total amount of liabilities is about 16.8000 billion yen due to a decrease in sales due to the influence of the new coronavirus, as well as the stagnant management due to rising food prices and labor costs.

The bankruptcy trustee's lawyer said, "We will respond appropriately as soon as possible in consultation with the relevant parties regarding the disposal of equipment used in the cafeteria and school lunch business. It is not clear at this point how much Hoyu will be able to bear."