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Accident scene at Balmoral Beach: a blessing in disguise

Photo: Rachel Chappell / dpa

A novice driver apparently wanted to practice parking in Sydney – and crashed her car into a busy beach in the Australian city. The woman, who was accompanied by a 55-year-old passenger, crashed the car into a curb and then panicked, 9News reported, citing police.

The vehicle broke through a wall and then landed on the roof of the popular Balmoral Beach in the Mosman district. Beachgoers reported that the impact felt like an earthquake. According to the reports, the driver was a woman in her thirties. A P badge attached to the car shows that she apparently had not had her driver's license for long. In Australia, this stands for a probationary driver's license, the exact regulations for this vary depending on the state.

According to the authorities, no bather was injured. "It's a miracle that no one sunbathed under the wall on this part of the beach," an eyewitness said, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. The driver had been treated on the spot for minor injuries, the passenger was uninjured, said a police spokesman. The accident car was later recovered with a crane.