Beijing, September 9 (Reporter Sun Zifa) The Science and Technology Communication Center of the China Association for Science and Technology released news to the media on September 24 that the "Scientist Forum" of the Sixth China Enterprise Forum was held in Jinan on the afternoon of the 9rd, and Tan Jiubin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of the Institute of Precision Instruments of Harbin Institute of Technology, made a theme report on "a new generation of national measurement system and the construction of a quality power" on the platform.

The 6th China Enterprise Forum "Scientist Forum" was held in Jinan. Photo courtesy of Science and Technology Communication Center, China Association for Science and Technology

Academician Tan Jiubin said that building a new generation of national measurement system is an inevitable choice to achieve high-quality industrial development, and it is also the only way to make up for the shortcomings of China's industry, especially the quality shortcomings of high-end equipment manufacturing.

He said that at present, China's manufacturing industry is in the process of transformation from manufacturing automation to digitalization, networking and intelligent manufacturing, and it is more urgent than ever to vigorously promote the development of precision and ultra-precision measurement technology and the construction of a new generation of measurement systems. Therefore, it is necessary to seize the historical opportunity of the fourth industrial revolution, effectively give full play to the advantages of China's industrial measurement data resources, take the innovation road of digitalization, networking and intelligence, and promote the leap in the capacity of China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry and the overall level of manufacturing with the overall improvement of precision measurement, ultra-precision measurement and complete precision measurement capabilities.

"If you want to make it, you must measure it first, and if you want to make it perfectly, you must first measure it accurately." Academician Tan Jiubin pointed out that the experience of industrialized countries shows that without systematic precision and ultra-precision measurement capabilities, there will be no sufficient accurate data, there will be no precision regulation, performance regulation and quality control, and a complete and powerful instrument industry system is the foundation for the construction of industrial measurement system.

Chen Rui, vice president and secretary general of the China Science and Technology News Society and deputy director of the Science and Technology Communication Center of the China Association for Science and Technology, said that Chinese-style modernization is a great practice in the new era, new concept and new pattern, and is a broad and profound economic and social systemic change, which needs to actively explore and continue to promote the mobilization mode of the whole society organization coordinated by the "government, industry, academia, research, finance, and trade media", and further open up new tracks, enhance new kinetic energy and shape new advantages.

It is understood that the "Scientist Forum" is not only a strategic, forward-looking and trending strategy discussion, but also an action link to promote cross-border integration, open cooperation and diversification and win-win in the scientific and technological community, industry and economic circles, and venture capital circles. (End)