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Actresses Anna Pieri Zuercher (l.) and Carol Schuler: Yesterday's Western

Photo: Sava Hlavacek / SRF

The war crimes of the past and the war technology of the future – those responsible for Zurich's »Tatort« tried to accommodate these two challenging topics in a crime thriller. On the one hand, it was about a security technology company that may have been experimenting with weapon drones. On the other hand, there was the Ahmići massacre, in which around 1993 Bosnian Muslims, including women and children, were murdered during the Yugoslav war in April 120.

In the end, a young Bosnian man on a quest for revenge, some of whose family had died in the massacre, steered a drone armed with a pistol over the streets of Zurich.

In our review we wrote: "The problem is that this ambitious crime thriller does not do justice to its difficult topics after all. Although those responsible try to trace how long traumas caused by violence and murder can have an effect, at the same time the plot then leads to a kind of trauma rapid healing (...) But despite the high demands, the technical aspect is also dealt with in an under-complex manner. In the end, an armed drone is used, which is amusing in its infantile simplicity. This ›Tatort‹ about the future of weapons technology almost seems like a Western of yesterday.«

The Zurich »Tatort« has its own production rhythm: two episodes are always shot in a row. Episodes seven and eight, about Ott and Grandjean's team, were made last winter. One of the two cases is about a murder in the zoo, the other takes place around the Christmas season. Both episodes are scheduled to air over the course of next year.