Beijing, September 9 -- On September 23, Beijing Jiaotong University held the 9th International Cultural Festival with the theme of "Integrating the World and Connecting the Four Seas", which coincided with the 23th anniversary of the founding of the university and the return of alumni.

Yan Xuedong, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and vice president of Beijing Jiaotong University, delivered a speech

At the opening ceremony, Yan Xuedong, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and vice president of Beijing Jiaotong University, extended a warm welcome to Chinese and foreign guests and representatives of teachers and students attending the event. He also said: In recent years, with the support of many parties, Beijing Jiaotong University has given full play to its advantages in the field of rail transit, taken the initiative to meet the talent needs of the "Belt and Road" countries in related fields, and carried out multi-party coordination with governments and enterprises in Mongolia, Russia, Kenya, Malaysia, Egypt and other countries to promote the integration of industry and education "order-based" international student training, accurately serve the construction of "Belt and Road" transportation infrastructure, train high-end talents in the railway industry for relevant countries, and form a "study abroad in Beijing" with distinctive transportation characteristics International talent training brand.

Ian Marshall, an alumnus of the school in 2007 and ambassador to Grenada to China, said in his speech: It is very meaningful for the school to hold alumni homecoming and international cultural festivals at the same time. The return of alumni to campus is conducive to strengthening the communication and exchange between alumni and their alma mater, so as to cultivate more potential talents together, while the International Cultural Festival creates an environment for exchanges between different cultures at a broader level, and promotes in-depth cooperation and exchanges between teachers and students from different countries.

Yuserrie Bin Zainuddin, President of the University of Pahang Malaysia, representative of the partner universities, pointed out in his speech: "The International Cultural Festival showcases the unique cultures of countries around the world, is conducive to promoting exchanges, mutual trust and understanding, and with these foundations, more cooperation can be carried out at a broader level. At the same time, he said that Malaysia has rich art, culture and tourism resources, and can be experienced at the booth prepared by Malaysian students on campus today, but I look forward to everyone coming to Malaysia for a comprehensive experience.

Live at the event

Afterwards, Chinese and foreign guests and representatives of teachers and students jointly opened the theme activity of the 14th Beijing Jiaotong University International Cultural Festival "Integrating the World and Reaching the Four Seas", starting with a cultural performance of international students dressed in festive costumes, with <> wonderful programs: at the beginning, Vietnamese students first showed traditional folk dances, and then combined with the popular Vietnamese song "See Love Bells" on Douyin to interpret modern dance. The school's folk orchestra performed two songs, "Stepping on Mountains and Rivers" and "Singing and Smiling", which not only reflected the strong Chinese style, but also showed the characteristics of openness, friendship and harmony of Chinese culture. The Latin dance "Salsa" is modern. Mongolian students studying abroad and Turkmenistan's traditional national dances are characterized by the combination of rigidity and softness, and each with its own characteristics. The martial arts of Malaysian students are refreshing. Avi, an alumnus from Malawi, returned to school and performed authentic Chinese kung fu: the nine-section whip and the tongback fist. International students from many Asian countries participated in the "Folding Willow" dance and deeply experienced the artistic conception of ancient Chinese farewell. The dances of international students from many African countries are enthusiastic and full of original tribal enthusiasm. The traditional dance of Filipino international students "Tilikling" is cheerful and active. Salvador's traditional dance has a strong South American flavor. The "Thai-Lao Friendship" performed by Thai and Lao students allowed people to fully experience peace and beauty. Finally, all the international students who participated in the performance of the program adapted the song "I Love You China" to "I Love You Jiaotong University", which reflected their deep love for the school, and made the teachers and students present very moved and unconsciously joined the singing team.

Since its first establishment in 2006, the International Cultural Festival of Beijing Jiaotong University is now in its ninth edition, and has become a brand program integrating world cultural exhibition, international cooperation and exchange. This year, international students from more than 90 countries came to China on campus, and this time, international students from 32 countries carefully arranged their own cultural booths to display colorful characteristic cultures. The booth features a variety of interactive exchange programs such as food experience, passport check-in, and cultural display. Beautiful costumes, strong ethnic performances, delicious food, beautiful music and interesting traditional games, all kinds of wonderful things are available, so that teachers and students can start a colorful trip around the world in an instant. (End)