Beijing, 9 Sep (ZXS) -- After the hot summer season, China's cinema line is about to usher in the opening of the National Day file. With a rich and weighty film lineup, the performance of the third largest schedule of the year has been highly anticipated by all parties.

Up to now, there have been more than ten new films publicly finalized, covering war, action, love, sports, animation and other genres.

In addition to the rich categories to meet the viewing needs of different groups of people, the weight of this film list is even more interesting. Among them, there are both the blockbuster new films "Rock Solid" and "Volunteers: Heroic Attack" by the fifth-generation directors Zhang Yimou and Chen Kaige, as well as the fourth part of the domestic romance film IP "Former" series - "Predecessor 4: Teenage Marriage" (hereinafter referred to as "Predecessor 4"), as well as Andy Lau and Zhang Hanyu's "20 International Train Robbery: Operation Moscow" (hereinafter referred to as "Operation Moscow") that cooperated again after 93 years.

The movie "Rock Solid" filmed in 2019 was starred by powerful actors such as Lei Jiayin, Zhang Guoli, Yu Hewei, and Zhou Dongyu. Its anti-corruption theme and heavy creative lineup have attracted attention before, and the trailer released recently impresses people with its cold and suspense style, Zhang Yimou challenges the theme of contemporary urban crime for the first time, and the audience's expectations are quite high.

Equivalent to the weight of the film is "Volunteer Army: Heroic Attack" directed by Chen Kaige, which is starring Xin Baiqing, Zhu Yilong, Zhang Zifeng and others, with the group portrait of the volunteer army as the main line, and presents the magnificent epic of the three years of the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea in a panoramic manner.

"Operation Moscow" directed by Qiu Litao is adapted from the "Sino-Russian train robbery" and tells the story of the transnational arrest of bandits by Chinese police. From "In the Octagon Cage" to "All or Nothing", this summer, topical domestic films adapted from real events have gained a lot at the box office. "Moscow Action" brings together Andy Lau, Zhang Hanyu and other powerful actors, and Huang Xuan even challenged the villain role for the first time, at the same time, the film's related films have won a lot of popularity on this short video platform. The industry believes that if "Operation Moscow" can win the first wave of word-of-mouth after its release, its subsequent performance may bring more surprises.

It is worth mentioning that the movie "Predecessor 4" directed by Tian Yusheng and starring Han Geng and Zheng Kai, which is currently far ahead of other new films to be screened on the online ticketing platform. Behind the popularity of the previous screening, the industry believes that it is mainly due to the IP effect of the previous series. It is understood that "Predecessor 4" continues to focus on the current marriage and love topics of men and women, and its theme popularity is very attractive to young audiences and couples, and its box office performance is also quite expected.

In addition, the National Day file also has the comedy "It Doesn't seem to be so hot", the cartoon "I Am Nezha 2: The Return of the Hero", "The Legend of the Little Mermaid's Sea Monster", "Beacon Bear: Mission to Mars", "Kung Fu King's Cute Tiger Up the Mountain", "Team Wang's Great Achievement Movie 2: Super Adventure", "Crazy Rescue" and many other films are finalized.

The weighty film list, coupled with the theaters that have been hot in the summer, whether it can create a new record for the big screen in 2023 during the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day "double festival" has become one of the suspense of the National Day file. (End)