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Police operation at climate protest: "Close observation"

Photo: Fabian Sommer / dpa

In the course of a protest march, activists from the climate protection group Letzte Generation have occupied an intersection in Berlin. Dozens of participants had settled on Saturday afternoon at the corner of Potsdamer Straße / Kurfürstenstraße, said a police spokeswoman. Glue, as in other actions, was not used by the group.

Forces were still in the process of carrying the protesters off the street in the late afternoon, the spokeswoman said. The officials established the identity of a good 100 people, at the peak of around 130 people would have taken part in the march.

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The Last Generation Alliance criticized, among other things, that the police had checked all those arriving in the morning before an event of the group in the Apostle Church in Schöneberg and recorded personal details. A police spokeswoman spoke of a "close observation" of the group, also because of the announced disruption of the marathon on Sunday.

"Because there seems to be a lack of clarity about this: Yes, we are interrupting the Berlin Marathon. We cannot run away from climate catastrophe," the climate group wrote in a very brief press release on Friday.

Already today, Saturday, the participants of the smaller skater marathon started in the capital. According to the police, this was not affected by the action.

The finish of the runners on Sunday is in the immediate vicinity of the Brandenburg Gate, which activists had recently sprayed with paint.