The company announced on the 19th of this month that it would voluntarily recall the microwave-heated rice manufactured by Iris Ohyama and sold through its group companies, but on the 23rd it announced that it would expand the target to approximately 5.160 million units, more than five times the previous target.

According to the announcement, the voluntary recall will apply to "glutinous barley rice," a rice manufactured by Iris Ohyama and sold through group companies that is heated in a microwave oven, and is a product with a specific lot number and a best-before date from April to September next year (2024).

In addition to their own brands, they were also sold as private brands on the mail-order sites Amazon,
Supermarket Life,

The company announced a voluntary recall of more than 4,9 rice on the 19th of this month, and consumers pointed out that there were other products that were subject to the target at that time, but there were other products in which the rice was discolored and liquefied.

For this reason, the company has decided to expand the collection target to approximately 30.5 million units, more than five times the number of units it has been collected so far.

According to the company, no health hazards have been confirmed so far.

Iris Foods, a group company that sold the product, commented, "We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to our customers due to repeated announcements."

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