Over the past couple of days, the American media have been actively dispersing the topic that Biden will give Ukraine "some ATACMS missiles."

What does that mean? In my opinion, this is a consolation prize for Ukraine. These missiles, especially in small quantities, will not be able to change the situation at the front. But they will be able to kill a lot of people in one place, and we are talking about 100% civilians.

The ATACMS missile is designed to destroy targets at a distance of 140 to 300 km. If these weapons are obtained, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are likely to look for targets somewhere in Russian cities, most likely in Crimea.

There are versions with cluster warheads, there are versions with high-explosive fragmentation. To launch each such missile, you need to install HIMARS or M270 MLRS, which the Armed Forces of Ukraine have.

And then Biden (and others like him) touched the most intimate string of the Kyiv regime, which is no longer so important for success at the front in general and the counteroffensive in particular. It is important for him to "Moskalyak on Gilyak".

The President of the United States, not being able to ensure the victory of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the front (not horse fodder), may want to provide Kyiv with the satisfaction of the bloody sadistic instinct - to kill neighbors.

American ATACMS will not be able to stop the "red car" in any way.

Washington is well aware of this, so they may well take a chance and give Kiev the opportunity to make fun of the deaths of Russian citizens.

It will not be Washington that will be responsible. It will not be Kiev that will be responsible. Ukraine will answer if the missiles are really delivered.

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