Zhangzhou, September 9 (Dai Weiguo, Zhou Tingting, Zhu Shengdong) His son was two years old, enlisted in the army for the second time, signed up three times, and finally fulfilled his dream, what made him decide to return to the barracks?

Among the recruits enlisted in the fall of 2023 in Dongshan County, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, there is such a special recruit. He is not only a "recruit" who enlisted for the second time, but also the father of a two-year-old boy, with a dark face, standard movements, and a 1.85-meter tall posture, making this "old recruit" with multiple identities very bright in the team.

On September 9, Xu Guanxi, who enlisted for the second time, received an honor medal. Photo courtesy of Zhangzhou Veterans Affairs Bureau

Once in the army, it is difficult to give up the love of youth camouflage

Xu Guanjiao, born in November 1999, joined the Liuzhou Detachment of the Armed Police in September 11 and retired in September 2017. During the service, he trained hard and achieved excellent results, and successively won the honors of "Pacesetter on Duty and Stability Maintenance" and "Excellent Conscript" of the detachment. In the two years of military life, Xu Guanjiao has cultivated the good qualities of hard and simple, fearless of difficulties, and the sweaty training not only strengthens his physique, tempers his will, but also allows him to complete the transformation from a student to an iron warrior. Dressed in a costume, the bits and pieces of camouflage youth have long been integrated into his blood.

The comradeship he got along with day and night deepened his inseparable love for the army, and during the four years since he was discharged from the army, Xu Guanjiao had the idea of returning to the barracks countless times. While maintaining the one-day life system of the army, he worked hard to learn cultural knowledge and successfully completed his college studies.

Enlist for the second time and listen to the call of your heart

Veterans do not fade, local new meritorious achievements! After retiring, Xu Guanjiao did not have the idea of "putting knives and guns into storage", but continued to maintain a military style, continued to insist on exercise, and quickly became an emergency platoon militia in his town. After joining the militia, Xu Guanjiao was at the forefront of emergency tasks such as mountain fire fighting, epidemic prevention and control, volunteer service, and flood control duty, fully demonstrating the responsibility and responsibility of veterans.

At the end of July this year, when the super typhoon "Du Surui" was menacing, Xu Guanji took the initiative to cooperate with the cadres of Tongling Town to undertake the task of preventing the return of Aoyatou Wharf. Worried that the two comrades in the same class were older and physically overwhelmed, he offered to take on more night shift tasks himself to free up time for the old comrades to rest.

When he saw the figure of the people's soldiers moving when they heard the order, fighting on the front line of disaster relief, and escorting the safety of people's lives and property, Xu Guanjiao's surging fiery belief in his heart was ignited again, and he silently made a vow in his heart: This time, he must join the army again!

Sign up three times and shoulder the responsibility of your home country

In fact, Xu Guanjiao's second enlistment was not all smooth sailing, and he had experienced three registrations. After he was discharged from the army, he and his girlfriend received a marriage certificate, and his son was born in 2021, and his father's identity made the former brave teenager instantly mature a lot, and Xu Guanjiao realized more: without a country, where can there be a small family. The desire to dedicate one's youth to the cause of national defense is also stronger.

In the fall of 2022, Xu Guanqi registered for the first time, because he was in the closed loop of unit isolation, he unfortunately missed the physical examination; In the spring of 2023, Xu Guanqiao successfully passed the physical examination and political examination, but he missed the green military camp because he could not participate in pre-service education due to the performance of unit tasks; In the fall of 2023, Xu Guanxi is about to turn 24 years old, this is the last chance to join the army, in order to continue to write camouflage dreams, for the sake of youth without regrets, he decisively resigned from the unit, and participated in physical examinations, visits and investigations, political examinations without distraction... After four years, he wore a uniform and became the first married second-time recruit in Dongshan County.

"You must know that the young Ling Yunzhi was once the first class in the world." Xu Guanqiao wrote such a sentence in his WeChat profile. The family always gave unconditional support to his choice. Although everyone at the farewell meeting had red eyes in the face of the upcoming parting, the family still chose as a strong backing for Xu Guanxi's second enlistment.

"Home is the smallest country, and the country is tens of thousands. Guan Ji joined the army to serve the country, I will take good care of my parents and children and be a qualified military sister-in-law. Xu Guanjiao's wife, Huang Shuting, comforted her crying son in a calm and firm tone.

Farewell to the family portrait of the conference. Photo courtesy of Zhangzhou Veterans Affairs Bureau

Embark on a new journey with a new identity, and continue to write patriotic aspirations in the frontier. Now, Xu Guanjiao has embarked on the "Fuxing" train bound for the 83rd Army of the Central Theater Army, and what awaits him will be a hot barracks and a different military uniform. It is the father, the warrior; It's a veteran, it's a recruit; Less confusion, more calmness. I wish this veteran with multiple identities another brilliant journey on the road to strengthening the army! (End)