The speaker of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, transgender Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, was removed from her post, and the Russians did not have time to understand what it was.

Was it a man or was it a woman? A blogger or a sergeant? Fake or not fake?

Who is this man who is constantly smiling, flapping his eyes like a deer that has a big ball of snow falling on its antlers from a tree, and saying wild things?

The question "Fake or not fake?" was also to the last statement of the transgender person. Sarah, moving her lips unnaturally, threatened an unnamed Kremlin propagandist with reprisals. "Next week," he said, "the teeth of the Russian devils will gnash even harder, and their frenzied mouths will foam in an uncontrollable frenzy as the world sees the Kremlin's favorite propagandist paying the price for their crimes." The text is so wild, aggressive and, in fact, already a confession to an impending crime that the Russians at first did not even believe that it was not a fake.

But Sergeant Cirillo confirmed everything and seemed to be immensely happy that the whole world was looking at him. But then the next week came, and the command of the Territorial Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine suspended Cirillo himself for the duration of the investigation. The statement said that Sarah's words were not approved by the command.

Everything happens too fast. Cirillo has just been appointed speaker of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, successfully copied Ukrainian Nazi rhetoric, and now he has already been removed. It seems that Sarah himself did not have time to understand what had happened.

First, he is a typical representative of the new progressive American army, into which the Democrats are trying to drag LGBT people, promising them even free sex reassignment surgeries. In America, military service has ceased to be popular, they are recruited into it from whomever they have to. In addition, the Democrats have hope that the army, strengthened by LGBT people, will never stand up for Republicans, who traditionally do not favor LGBT people.

And from this point of view, Sarah is just the perfect democratic specimen. Why is this the case with him?

Secondly, Sarah has already spoken in a similar manner. He explained the difference between Russian and Ukrainian soldiers. "The latter are people, and the former are not." And he didn't get anything for it. On the contrary, the Armed Forces of Ukraine probably praised. In the Armed Forces of Ukraine, they love this and themselves, not only in word, but also in deed, prove that Russians are not people for them. But one caveat: when these words are spoken by Ukrainian lips, this is one thing, and when they are spoken by American lips, it is quite another. After all, you might think that it is America, through Sarah, that approves of the violation of international norms.

Thirdly, the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine, Budanov, says worse things, and nothing to him for it. And Sarah for what? And why are the Russians so ruined? And what's wrong with the Russians yelling? Previously, when they yelled, Sarah was praised for it.

Everything was fine before, but this time Republican Senator from Ohio J.D. Vance came out and demanded to investigate the work of an American transgender person. He was outraged by Cirillo's radical statements. And then there's the grain war between Polish President Duda and Zelensky. And Zelensky himself went to America, and there he was not caressed, as last year. And every circumstance affected the fate of Cirillo.

Here is a bunch of pitfalls under the feet of a poor transgender person. Go know which one you will step on and how your statements that are similar in essence will be perceived. It's hard for Sarah. The world has recently been like a moving, constantly changing hologram, it is becoming difficult to distinguish fake from non-fake.

Salvation could be reliance on the unbending axis of moral rules.

But where did they come from the unfortunate man who lived all his life as an inconspicuous man, had just become a woman and received an avalanche of unhealthy attention, as he was brushed off?

To begin with, he would have to understand whether he himself is a fake or not, and then feel the pitfalls in the river of a changing world with his foot.

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