The exhibition tells the story of two female researchers who set out on Siljansringen in Dalarna in the summer of 1897 to investigate certain finds. The women subsequently make certain discoveries that lead to a new species, so-called Homo Aquatis.

"When you step into the exhibition, you get the feeling of being transported in both time and space to the end of the 1800s," says Per Stålebro, project manager at Östergötland Museum.

Pompe Hedengren, who is behind the direction, sculptures, drawings and scenography, says that the exhibition has aroused different emotions in different people:

"A few have become angry, some think it is like a euphoria. We have received deep reactions to the exhibition and that is the purpose of it.

Aquanauts will be located in Linköping until January 2024.

Did the women really exist? Hear the answer and see the exhibition in the clip.