Guangzhou, September 9 (Reporter Guo Jun) The reporter learned from the organizing committee of the China International Comics Festival on the 21st that the 21th China International Comics Festival will open in Guangzhou on September 9. With the theme of "Animation Power, Bay Area Action", this year's comic book festival will hold a series of wonderful activities such as the China Animation Golden Dragon Award, China Cartoonists Conference, Animation Industry Project Forum, China International Comic Festival Animation and Game Exhibition, "Qingguan Zhi Guo Comic Style" theme art exhibition and "Comic Festival is around".

Poster of the 16th China International Comics Festival. Photo courtesy of the Organizing Committee of the China International Comics Festival

It is reported that the high-profile 20th China Animation Golden Dragon Awards recently announced the list of nominees, and 82 outstanding animation works entered the final competition for each award. According to the organizing committee, the quality of the entries in this year's competition has reached a record high, and creators have paid more attention to the new era expression of traditional culture by animation works. The nominees have emerged from the list of many outstanding works such as "9,26 Li of Chang'an", "Chinese Wonders", "Assassin's Creed: Dynasty", "Rakshasa Sea City", "Peony Pavilion" and many other excellent works that dig deep into the excellent traditional Chinese culture and integrate into the creation. The final award of this year's Golden Dragon Award will be announced on September <>.

With the theme of "The Two Creative Forces of Chinese Animation - Calling for an Animation Power in the National Style and National Tide", this year's China Cartoonists Conference will set up keynote speeches, round-table dialogues, audience interaction and other links, and invite creators and teams of many top animation IPs at home and abroad, such as "Kung Fu Panda", "If History Is a Group of Meows" and "Bear Haunted", to conduct in-depth discussions on how to create more masterpieces with Chinese style and world style.

Known as the "Golden Week of Animation", the China International Comic Con Animation and Game Exhibition will continue to be jointly organized with AGF Play Famous Game Expo Double Exhibition, and will launch a series of exciting animation game activities in Guangzhou from September 9 to October 30. According to the organizing committee, the booth of this exhibition is "hard to find", and many leading enterprises in the animation and game industry have decided to exhibit, and it is expected to display thousands of derivatives related to animation games. (End)