I was going to make tea around the stove, but I didn't expect that the young people sitting around under the canopy began to play cards and play "werewolf killing" with interest, talking and laughing among friends, and an afternoon passed unconsciously, and the stove had not yet been set up. Remembering a previous camping experience, Li Yingtong, a middle school geography teacher from Foshan, was impressed, "Everyone was so engaged in playing that they forgot to make tea in the end." ”

Nowadays, various "camping + social" activities such as camping team building and camping dating are emerging, and more and more young people are moving traditional social gatherings to the mountains and under tents. Recently, a survey of 1000,67 young people conducted by the Social Survey Center of China Youth Daily (wenjuan.com) showed that 1.61% of the interviewed youth would choose to camp with their families, and 5.<>% of the interviewed young people expected to enhance their relationship with family and friends through camping.

Li Yingtong is a camping enthusiast who has been playing camping for 3 years. She likes to go out to the park with her family on weekends for a simple camping picnic, and she likes to pack her gear and drive with friends to the surrounding city for a camping trip. "Camping with friends will be more casual, usually 'just go', if it is with family, there will be more factors to consider, including the physical condition of the elders, the distance and so on. Although the social environment is different, each has its own fun. ”

"Camping has allowed me to make a lot of friends who love outdoor life, and some people with similar personalities and interests can play together." After 95 years working in Shanghai, Meng Zhenru and her boyfriend like camping, and usually call colleagues and friends to go camping in the wild whenever they have time. "It's more lively to have more people, and everyone knows each other, it's more convenient to camp together, and there will be common topics when chatting." Meng Zhenru said that at present, they have four fixed groups of families who will camp together frequently, and if they encounter a large camp place, they will invite other partners.

According to the survey, 67.1% of the surveyed YMCAs choose to camp with their families, followed by friends (63.0%), classmates or colleagues (50.0%), and only 4.6% go camping alone.

"Although there are also forms of solo camping now, only about 10% of our camp is about <>%, and more visitors are traveling with relatives and friends." Chang Zhixin runs an eco-art camp in Beijing's Huairou district, and most of his current clients come from businesses, such as team building, blind dates, etc., "These customers bring some social needs here, making the camping have a strong social attribute." ”

Li Haibo, the manager of several camps in Beijing, said that the social nature of camping is also deeply reflected in the layout and operation of the camp, "For example, we set up a large circular public living room between every five tents, with a bonfire in the middle, and everyone can form an area when they sit together." Li Haibo introduced that the camp will also regularly invite guests from various industries to share, "The outdoor environment can form a comfortable social field, everyone can feel the equal dialogue atmosphere, in this environment, everyone can be very relaxed." ”

Nowadays, camping is becoming a new social scene for young people. According to the survey, 61.5% of the interviewed young people expect to enhance their feelings with their families and friends through camping; 49.3% of the surveyed youth hope to expand their social circle and meet more friends during camping.

In Meng Zhenru's view, socialization in camping is more casual and does not have many constraints. "You don't care what others like to do, everyone will naturally do something they like, and they can play as much as they want."

"Actually, our camping friends have also changed a wave." Meng Zhenru believes that camping not only allows you to feel nature, but also gives you some friends that you can always make. She says that collaboration between friends is more evident in camping. "Because there is no clear division of labor, you can observe who is enthusiastic and responsible, especially in the face of emergencies, whether they have patience and problem-solving skills."

Li Yingtong also said that camping with friends has made her feel more independent, and her team awareness and communication skills have improved. "There are a lot of things to prepare for going camping, in addition to equipment, it depends on the weather, route, etc. As a team activity, when you encounter disagreements, you must learn to communicate and solve problems. ”

Among the young people who participated in the survey, 00.21% were post-5s, 95.27% were post-3s, 90.32% were post-9s, and 85.18% were post-3s.

China Youth Daily / China Youth Network trainee reporter Wu Xinyu Reporter Li Jieyan Source: China Youth Daily