Xining, September 9 (Li Jun) On the 21st, the reporter interviewed Wang Jingwu, director of the Physical Health Literature and Art Division of the Qinghai Provincial Department of Education, with the question of whether Qinghai Province has "prefabricated dishes into campus", he said: After the preliminary investigation of the Qinghai Provincial Market Supervision Administration and the recent preliminary investigation of the Qinghai Provincial Department of Education, there are currently no prefabricated vegetable production enterprises with relevant qualifications in Qinghai Province, nor are there distribution enterprises, and schools in the province have not found the use of prefabricated vegetables.

Prepared dishes, also known as prepared prepared foods, generally refer to large-scale prepared vegetable factories, processing ingredients and auxiliary materials into semi-finished products or packaged products, and then selling them ex-factory. Typically prepared dishes need to be stored or transported under cold chain conditions for consumers or food and beverage processors, simply heated or cooked.

"In fact, the cost of pre-made dishes is relatively high, unless there are a large number of people, and the wholesale market batch production can compress the cost, but for schools in Qinghai, it will be more cost-effective to invite 'masters' and staff from the perspective of cost accounting, because the cost is too high, catering enterprises in the province are not willing to do pre-made dishes." Wang Jingwu said.

The picture shows a school cafeteria worker in Gangcha County, Haibei Prefecture, Qinghai Province, making buns. Photo by Tashi Dolma

According to reports, school canteen food safety has always been a very important work of the education department, from the Qinghai Provincial Department of Education to the municipal and prefecture education bureaus, to the school principals to the school canteen food safety more and more attention, in the daily inspection and investigation, the province's colleges and universities, higher vocational schools, high schools, Qinghai Province special education schools, etc. have not seen the use of pre-made dishes, schools in Tibet-related areas are invited "masters" and staff to make it on the same day.

The picture shows the kindergarten meal ingredients displayed to reporters by the parents of the students of Jinbailing Kindergarten in Xining City. Photo courtesy of interviewee

On the 21st, parents of Jinbailing Kindergarten students in Xining City, Qinghai Province showed reporters the daily meals of the kindergarten: "Every morning the kindergarten will be posted to the door, and the teacher will also send it to the parent group every day, and what to eat and what to use is displayed." ”

"All the food procurement of schools in the province and schools in Datong, Haidong, Yushu and other places is through government bidding to identify several catering companies, and distributed by qualified and reputable enterprises." Wang Jingwu introduced that the schools in Haidong City in the province are in the form of government procurement services, and the government funds the purchase of services to hire "masters" and staff to ensure the employment of canteens, and Yushu, Guoluo and other areas mostly hire relevant staff for schools.

Wang Jingwu said that in the next step, the education department of Qinghai Province will issue a notice on the prohibition of the use of prepared dishes in schools, and conduct relevant research as needed. He also invited reporters to conduct random visits before school meals in the form of "four nots and two straight", and visited the field to see if there were pre-made dishes entering the campus. (End)