The breakthrough came in 1998 with "My Sixth Sense" – in total there have been sixteen albums. Now Petter celebrates 25 years as an artist by releasing another album, namely "Vart trött sedan 98".

The new album is a mishmash of unreleased songs from his entire career, the arc stretches from "Dreams" in 1997 to newly written songs from 2023 such as "Black Sun".

"Some of this record is old me, and it's crazy fun. I could have recorded a song where I try to sound like I sounded in 1999 or 2000, but it wouldn't have been so fresh.

Don't be ashamed

A quarter of a century does something with songwriting.

"It's a more thoughtful person now who writes more abstractly and poetically. Then I was more bang on the beetroot, says Petter and continues:

"It's not that I'm ashamed of how I wrote. I see it more as an old tattoo you did when you were younger, that you don't remove.

However, a common thread runs through the writing – the lyrics are usually based on Petter himself.

– Already on "The Sixth Sense" the lyrics were almost a bit emo, and I think that has been a hallmark for me. To always be there in that world. It has to do with the fact that I had a mother with whom I always talked feelings.

Anniversary year

Next year, Petter turns 50, thus he is almost a year child with the genre hip hop, which this year turns 50.

"It's a privilege to grow up in the culture that has given me so much – self-esteem, creativity, friends," he says.

"Dj Sleepy and Eye N' I and I will probably work together until we are in wheelchairs.

Petter admits that he does not know the new generation of Swedish hip hop, but he has collaborated with some – such as Ozz6y, formerly known as Ozzy, and Adaam. However, the future dream collaboration is something completely different:

"Lars Winnerbäck is a hell of a lovely person.

The anniversary and compilation album are reminiscent of an ending, but for Petter, retirement is not on the agenda.

"Of course people have been thinking: how long am I going to hold on? But then I realize it's a gift I've received – it's not something you just cancel as a subscription.