Yasmina Kattou // Photo credits: AFP 06:44, September 21, 2023

Artificial intelligence could make it easier to diagnose Alzheimer's disease. Currently, this diagnosis is long and tedious and requires waiting for the appearance of the first symptoms. A neuropsychological assessment, which consists of a series of tests and sometimes even a lumbar puncture, is then performed.

What if artificial intelligence was the solution? Researchers at the Brain Institute may have found an innovative solution to detect Alzheimer's disease more quickly. The idea is to accumulate thousands of medical examinations of healthy brains in a computer. Scientists record brain MRIs of both men and women, who do not have Alzheimer's, and the more images there are, the easier it will be to detect any abnormalities or signs of the disease. The advantage of artificial intelligence is that it is tireless.

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Early management

"As a human, we get tired, we miss things, the goal is to be able to detect as early as possible more subtle lesions that might not have been seen by doctors. Lesions that clinicians could have missed, "reported Ninon Burgos, researcher at the CNRS, at the microphone of Europe 1.

The objective is to detect these lesions, even before the onset of symptoms, which would allow early management of patients. In addition to Alzheimer's markers, when developed, the technology will be able to detect all other diseases in the brain.