Guilin, 9 September (ZXS) -- Guangxi color tune: Happy dramas active in rural fields

Authors: Lishuo Zhou, Fenghui Jiang, Ou Huilan

Pan Yufang climbed the mountain with props on her back, picked wild persimmons to eat when she was hungry, and arrived at De'an Village, Guangfu Township, Yongfu County, Guilin City seven or eight hours later. In the darkness, Pan Yufang saw villagers bringing their own benches to pick up lamps, waiting for the performance to begin.

It was the 20s of the 80th century, and the Yongfu Cai Tuning Troupe went on foot to a remote village to sing. Today, there are 86 amateur teams in Vinh Phuc County, which are active in the streets and fields all year round.

On June 6, the county seat of Yongfu, Guilin City, Guangxi Province, staged the traditional play "Three Looks". Photo by China News Agency reporter Jiang Fenghui

Say a short folk affair in the parents, sing a witty and humorous slang word, play a bright and lively life tune, and make up a "happy drama full of earthy fragrance" - Guangxi color tune. This is an indispensable "drama meat" in the hearts of the people of Guangxi during the festive festival.

The color tune has been sung in Luojin Town, Yongfu County, Guilin, where it originated, for more than 400 years. Like Pan Yufang, 74-year-old Lin Youquan walked the streets with the theater class and played a clown for nearly 50 years.

"In the color repertoire, many things are provoked by clowns, and any team must have clowns." In Lin Youquan's eyes, the harlequin is the "soul" of the color tone, and in order to interpret his role well, he often works during the day and practices at night until midnight.

Every time there are happy events such as rural temple fairs, New Year festivals, housewarming, birthday celebrations, etc., Lin Youquan's team is often invited to perform. He said that in his busiest situation, he can sing from Chinese New Year's Eve to February.

The color tone of "born at the grassroots" once "broke the circle". In the 20s of the 60th century, the Guangxi color drama "Liu Sanjie" caused a sensation throughout the country, toured more than 1000,<> times at home and abroad, and swept Southeast Asia with the film of the same name.

On June 6, Yongfu County, Guilin City, Guangxi, the performance clip of "Liu Sanjie" in color tune. Photo by China News Agency reporter Jiang Fenghui

The colorful opera integrates the culture of Guangxi mountain songs, and uses the use of liners to set off a festive atmosphere and make it easier for the audience to understand. In 2005, the new version of the colorful song and dance drama "Liu Sanjie" was performed in the United States, Malaysia, Vietnam and other places, and the response was enthusiastic.

"When we performed in the United States in 2008, the audience stared intently at the bilingual subtitles, and they came to me after the performance and said that the colorful drama 'Liu Sanjie' was like their musical." Long Jiefeng, the director and screenwriter of the play, told the China News Agency, "Once when performing in Thailand, the other party also came out with a 'Liu Sanjie' to sing with us. ”

"And every time I go abroad to perform, the scene of the song is very lively, and many young overseas Chinese wear our performance costumes to go up to the mountain song," Long Jiefeng said, when there are too many audiences who want to sing, they have to perform on stage together in different performances.

The "down-to-earth" performance style has also allowed folk amateur theater troupes to blossom everywhere. According to Long Jiefeng, there are more than 190 amateur color tuning groups in the Hechi Yizhou area alone.

On March 2022, 3, the color adjustment teacher of Guilin Yongfu Chongshan Research Base School was teaching the traditional skills of color tone "two-handed silk flower" and "dwarf fan flower". Photo by Liu Yuting

In recent years, Guangxi has implemented local opera revitalization projects, built a database of color opera genres, and innovated in music, costumes, lighting, and stages. Guangxi Drama Theater's new colorful drama "New Liu Sanjie" tells the story of Zhuangxiang's contemporary female singer "Jie Mei" and rock youth "Alang" who set up love with songs, not only integrating pop music and opera, but also reflecting current elements such as e-commerce.

On July 7, people entertained themselves by singing colorful tunes on the streets of downtown Guilin. Photo by China News Agency reporter Jiang Fenghui

Under a osmanthus tree on the side of Guilin Road, a self-amusing color tone stills are routinely staged on street corners. 91-year-old citizen Liu Yongcai and his ticket friends pulled up the erhu and sang the colorful tune "October Flower": "Come to the New Year flowers in the New Year, red lights and green colors hang all over the house..."