Tianjin, 9 September (ZXS) -- Topic: Feng Jicai: My literary start is inseparable from the "Hundred Flowers Society"

Written by Wang Zaiyu

"My relationship with the Hundred Flowers Society is too deep." Writer Feng Jicai recalled his past with Hundred Flowers Publishing House (referred to as Hundred Flowers Publishing House), as if he was accompanied by an old friend.

Recently, the 20th Hundred Flowers Literature Award was announced in Tianjin. Despite his advanced age, Feng Jicai still came to the ceremony. "I grew up in Tianjin, and my literature has been inseparable from the Hundred Flowers Society since Tianjin. From the late 70s and early 80s of the 40th century to the present more than <> years, I have been friends with three generations of editors of the Hundred Flowers Society. They will always give me more than I give them. So I am grateful to the Hundred Flowers Society. Feng Jicai said.

In 1985, Feng Jicai won two awards in the first Hundred Flowers Literature Award (which was the Hundred Flowers Award) in <>: "The Visitor on a Snowy Night" won the Short Story Award, and "The God Whip" won the Novella Award.

"I have won 20 of the 10 editions of the Hundred Flowers Literary Award. When Novel Monthly was launched, I also contributed to the fact that I went to Beijing to ask Feng Mu and other old gentlemen to serve as consultants. Later, the pen meeting of "Novel Monthly" in Beidaihe, I and Li Guowen, Cong Weixi, Zhang Xianliang, Zhang Jie, Lu Wenfu six people will definitely go, I am the youngest, now these big brothers and sisters are gone. Recalling the past, Feng Jicai was full of emotion.

Many of Feng Jicai's works are published in the Hundred Flowers Society or in the journals of the Hundred Flowers Society. In 1981, he published "Mountain Picker" in the magazine "Prose" of the Hundred Flowers Society, and was selected into the primary school Chinese textbook, which influenced generations of students.

With its contribution to Chinese literature, the Hundred Flowers Society brought cultural influence to the city of Tianjin. If we put together the "Novel Monthly" over the years, we can see the style of contemporary Chinese reading history. The Hundred Flowers Literature Award is a pioneering initiative of the Hundred Flowers Society. Feng Jicai said: "In the 20s of the 80th century, there was no Internet where writers could hear the voice of readers in time. After the writer's work is published, the reader is like a vast sea, and it is difficult to hear the echo. Without hearing the reader's voice, writers are easily overwhelmed. ”

Feng Jicai said that it is the Hundred Flowers Literature Award that binds writers and readers together and establishes channels for mutual perception and communication. "I still remember that the first few editions of the Hundred Flowers Literary Prize were judged entirely by readers' votes, and when I went to the Hundred Flowers Society, I saw a spectacle of spectacle, and the editors' desks were full of letters from readers, one by one, counting the readers' votes."

"So there are so many literary awards in China, and I especially value the Hundred Flowers Literature Award, because it has always adhered to the reader's position and is closest to the reader. The reader's position is the position of serving the people, that is, to meet the spiritual and aesthetic needs of the reader. I think the respect of the Hundred Flowers Literature Award for readers may be related to the city of Tianjin. Tianjin is a civilian city, it has an affinity with the people of the city, so it has affected the temperament of some writers here, and also affected the literary career of Tianjin. Feng Jicai said. (End)