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Elyas M'Barek became known with the series »Turkish for Beginners«

Photo: Felix Hörhager / dpa

The idea is probably one of the scariest: you wake up at night and there is someone in the house who should not be there. That's exactly what happened to actor Elyas M'Barek, he tells us in the podcast »Enter Sandman« .

It was in the summer in his house in Ibiza when it happened: "I wake up at night and all of a sudden the door opens from the bedroom." His wife was lying next to him, so it was clear to him that it had to be someone else. Drunk with sleep, he said "hello" and then the door closed again. It was such a nightmare."

M'Barek jumped up and carefully went downstairs. "Completely stupid," he grabbed a knife in the kitchen and called the police.

The actor finally discovered that a side door had been broken open. However, the burglar or burglars had only stolen some cash and, for example, left his laptop.

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But why doesn't M'Barek have an alarm system? A question that podcast host Oliver Polak also asks. He did, replies the 41-year-old. However, in the past, he had always switched them off at night when he was on site. In the meantime, however, the security precautions have been strengthened, according to the actor.

Elyas M'Barek became known with the series »Turkish for Beginners«. The films in the »Fack ju Göhte« series reached an even wider audience. He lives in New York with his wife, model Jessica M'Barek, but also has a house in Ibiza – which he doesn't want to give up even after the burglary.