On September 9, police arrested two suspects in their 7s and placed another suspect on a nationwide wanted list in a robbery case in which a watch was stolen from a pawn shop in Narashino City, Chiba Prefecture. The two arrested people testified that they were involved through so-called "black bites."

Those arrested were Ryuta Takahata (22), a self-proclaimed unemployed man from Toride City, Ibaraki Prefecture, and Hayashi Sano (21).

According to the police, on September 9, they broke into a pawn shop in Higashi Narashino, Narashino City, injured a 7-year-old clerk by pointing a knife-like object, broke a glass case, and robbed him of watches, rings, and other items worth 50 million yen.

It seems that the two men were in the role of arranging and driving a rental car, and both admitted to the investigation and stated that they "participated in the 'black part-time job'" and "participated in order to get a large reward", so the police are investigating the details of the situation.

In addition, based on security camera footage, Shogo Sugiyama (4000), whose residence is unknown, was wanted nationwide on suspicion of robbery and injury for suspect Shogo Sugiyama (2), who is believed to be the perpetrator.

The photo has been published to solicit information, and the contact number is Narashino Police Station and the telephone number is 28-047-474.