Beijing, September 9 (Zhongxin Net) -- If you take stock of movies with relatively large "stamina" in this summer, "The First Part of Fengshen " will most likely be among them. The film attracted a group of "tap water" and also became popular with a group of young actors, including Chen Muchi.

In the play, Chen Muchi plays Yin Jiao, which is a good interpretation of the tragic character: simple in heart, he regarded his father Yin Shou as a hero, only to find out later that the bad things were all done by his father and Daji, and his feelings for Yin Shou slowly changed from worship to hatred.

Outside the play, he seems to have his own "funny" ability, especially able to enliven the atmosphere, "Fengshen Part 20" also fulfilled his promise when the box office exceeded <> billion, recorded a dancing video, and the "magical" dance quickly came out of the circle.

When interviewed by reporters, Chen Muchi wore the iconic "Fengshen T-shirt", and his expression was very relaxed when facing the camera, but it was indeed not as lively as during the road show. He said he should not be considered a "comedian" or a "conspicuous bag."

"Actually, I'm a very quiet and focused person, and I'm telling the truth." He described himself seriously, "Sometimes I may be 'social cow' because of my work, so I also accept some of the comments of my audience friends. ”

From entering the industry to walking in front of the audience this time, Chen Muchi spent four or five years, initially running the crew for interviews, and also hit a wall many times. Either "go back and wait for news", or "you are too tough, have no literary and artistic cells, and do not match the character image", which was politely rejected.

But for him, it's nothing. His understanding is that becoming an actor is entering a new industry, starting from scratch, facing all rejections and evaluations, and having to adjust yourself. And joining the crew of "Fengshen " is a rare opportunity.

"Feng Shen" is popular, and Chen Muchi's mentality has not had much ups and downs, "The road of actor is originally the road I want to take, and when I get the opportunity, I will shoot good works with my heart and show them to the audience and friends." I will continue to improve myself on this path. ”

"Since I am an actor, I treat this profession with my heart, and I am such a person."

Yin Jiao does not have "eight hundred heart eyes"

Chen Muchi understands Yin Jiao, who has a benevolent heart, a strong sense of responsibility, and perhaps a little stubbornness, must do what he wants to do, and is unwavering in his feelings for his father.

For example, despite feeling Yin Shou's indifference and alienation, he still feels that he can handle the problem successfully through practical actions, which precisely represents one of the most sincere emotions in family relationships.

In "The First Part of Fengsheng", Chen Muchi played Yin Jiao. Photo courtesy of the film

It is precisely because of his simple and straightforward character that Yin Jiao said "please pass on my father to me" when there was a conflict between his relatives, Chen Muchi explained that Yin Jiao did not have "eight hundred heart eyes", so he said it just out of love for his father and was willing to die instead of him.

Such an unintentional expression of emotions aroused the suspicion of King Shu, and father and son turned against each other. "His mother, Queen Jiang, died, and this scene laid the course of Yin Jiao's tragic fate, and then immediately after his uncle and several ministers of Yin Shang were also killed, he was a little sad."

The coolest and most enjoyable scene is the bridge where Yin Jiao was tied up by his father's order. "He worked so hard for his father, this emotion is complicated, Yin Jiao finally broke out, shouting 'since that's the case, then I'll give it back to you'."

When filming that scene, the characters' emotions were released, so that Chen Muchi couldn't feel his existence a little, "Until now, I can't remember how I acted at that time, if I were to restore it again, I might not be able to restore it." ”

Director Wu Ershan once commented on "Yin Jiao" and Chen Muchi: Yin Jiao is a tragic character, with aristocratic confidence, but very melancholy, Chen Muchi has an experience close to the character.

"Veterans, brave showbiz"

Before becoming an actor, Chen Muchi served in the army, and after being discharged from the army, he had two choices, one was to find a job, and the other was to continue his studies. After the news of the audition of the "Fengshen God" movie spread, he decided to go over and take a look.

"At that time, I didn't know much about it, but maybe I was 'thick-skinned', and I still maintained courage and recklessness, and I felt that even if it didn't work, I had to give it a try, without regrets." He repeatedly stressed that his strength not to admit defeat was tempered in the army.

When he heard about the location of the "audition", he quickly ran to Beijing, but the scene he saw was a little different from what he had imagined: why crying, laughing and making physical contact?

Actor Chen Muchi. Photo courtesy of interviewee

"I'm a veteran, and I'm more alert, so I feel a little dangerous." Chen Muchi's nerves tensed for a while, "Only later did I find out that it was a misunderstanding. ”

He originally wanted to play Nezha or Shengong Leopard, but later heard that Nezha was looking for a child to star, so he gave up this option, "Shen Gong Leopard may have some cool elements, and then fight the method, quite handsome, want to act." ”

"Being able to enter a professional crew is a valuable opportunity in itself, just study hard." At that time, Chen Muchi did not have any luxury for who to play, and it was very good to have a role, "For me, this is to enter a new industry and accumulate experience first." ”

When he learned that he was chosen to play Yin Jiao, he was very surprised, he was calm on the surface, but he was so happy that he almost flew in his heart, "I went back and looked in the mirror, and affirmed myself very once: The young man is good, you still have a little talent." ”

"Atmosphere in the camp"

"Fengshen Trilogy" is mainly picked by newcomer actors. The successful interview was also the beginning of another "trial": Chen Muchi and other young actors entered the Fengshen Performing Arts Training Camp and received 6 months of professional training.

Their courses cover a wide range of subjects, including performance, martial arts, equestrian and pre-Qin literary history, as well as etiquette during the Yin Shang period. It was also here that Chen Muchi became familiar with the entire system of "Fengsheng" stories.

In the relatively long training and shooting cycle, everyone helped each other and lived happily, the members of the "Proton Group" cultivated sincere emotions, and Chen Muchi slowly became the "atmosphere responsibility" in everyone's eyes.

"They really enjoyed watching me take acting classes and thought I was funny." Due to his inexperience, Chen Muchi could only rely on instinctive understanding to interpret at first, "There was a class to perform a clip of being robbed, and everyone else was quite close to life, and my picture was like acting in a comedy." ”

He occasionally wondered if his brain hole was a little big, "I am a person who likes to engage in creation, I think this may not be thought of, then I will come to one, think of some differences, may be this difference brings joy to everyone." ”

Actor Chen Muchi. Photo courtesy of interviewee

After the course, in the evening, Chen Muchi sometimes really wanted to rest for a while, but as soon as he heard the sound of the practice fragment from the next room, he immediately couldn't fall asleep, and quickly sat up and read this fragment again, "You have to keep up, you can't fall behind." ”

Looking back on that time now, he especially wants to say a word to himself back then: "I don't regret these hard work." ”

Actors need to be recognized through their roles

After its release, "The First Part of Fengsheng" quickly achieved a word-of-mouth counterattack, and also brought actors such as Chen Muchi to the audience.

What touched Chen Muchi was the two conversations with his father. "Once my dad called me and said you're all little stars now? I said stop, I'm not a star, I'm an actor. ”

"After watching "Fengshen Part 1", he felt very good, and the second time he called me, he said, 'Are you there?' Actor', this subtle change, I feel a sense of accomplishment, since I am an actor, I treat this profession with my heart. He said.

Chen Muchi didn't feel how hot he was, "I have a very clear plan for myself, and I know what kind of profession an actor is, and I can be noticed by everyone, so I will shoot some good works with my heart and live up to everyone's love for me, it's as simple as that." ”

"Humbly accept the audience's evaluation of your acting skills, can everyone see the problem, can't you see it yourself? Be sure to know yourself. He said seriously, "In the end, actors still have to be recognized by everyone through their roles." The role is what matters. (End)