China News Network, September 9 -- The first part of the film "Volunteers" trilogy directed by Chen Kaige, "Volunteers: Heroic Attack", released a trailer of "Loud Military Song" and a single poster of "His Name". The trailer is connected by the voices of the battlefield, with "footsteps are the loudest echoes" and "shouts are the loudest faiths", showing the determination and strength of young volunteer soldiers to care for their homeland and country from the perspective of group portraits. The single poster exposed 21 main actors, and their resolute eyes portrayed the determination of Chinese to protect their homes and defend the country when they faced challenges. The film will be released nationwide on September 17.

Young warriors fought the enemy with one heart and high blood

The trailer begins with a military song, starting with volunteer soldiers shouting hoarsely to the smoke-filled battlefield to find living comrades, and ending with surviving soldiers raising their hands and shouting "swear to die" as a response. The trailer amplifies the sound of footsteps, shouts, military songs and other details on the battlefield, and outside the battlefield, young volunteer soldiers cheer for their wrist-wrenching comrades-in-arms, stride forward with their comrades' shoulders, laughter flying, and their vivid and lively faces are full of life and hope. On the battlefield, loud military songs sounded, and they had a determination and strength far beyond their age. The sound of the enemy's threatening bombardment came from all directions, but the voices of their comrades always appeared beside them, fighting the enemy with one heart, shouting and carrying weapons full of blood, facing the sharp knife pointed directly at the eyeballs, holding the blade in their hands, and the blood gushing out of the whole face and never flinching. The amplified sound of detail runs through the entire trailer, reflecting the emotional concentration of Chinese war films, and presenting the strong and brave fighting of young volunteer soldiers and the firm belief of defending the country from the perspective of group portraits.

The trailer portrays the deep friendship from the perspective of different characters, Sun Xing (played by Chen Feiyu), Dai Ruyi (played by Wei Chen), Yang Shaocheng (played by Yin Fang) "As long as one of us is alive, we have to bring the rest back" shows the belief of comrades-in-arms "living and dying together". When the artillery fired, the soldiers subconsciously protected their comrades next to them, and one soldier was wounded, and the other comrades carried him and ran hard. "Comrades-in-arms are the deepest arms" is not only reflected in the frontline battlefield, in the United Nations conference released by the preview, the Chinese delegation composed of Wu Xiuquan (played by Zhang Songwen), Tang Sheng (played by Zhang Ziyi) and others with the firm belief that "the Chinese people have stood up" together to protect the national interests "not giving an inch of land". The shouts of the frontline battlefield charging sonorous, the diplomatic battlefield crying with joy and silent, although thousands of miles away, but the hearts of defending the country are always connected, and the scenes echoing each other are moving.

The crew is sincerely customizing the character modeling

In the newly released "His Name" single poster, Mao Zedong (played by Tang Guoqiang), Peng Dehuai (played by Wang Yanhui), Zhou Enlai (played by Liu Jin) and other 17 main actors of the "Volunteers" trilogy "Volunteers: Heroes Attack" were exposed. In the poster, the eyes of the great people are like torches, there is determination in decision-making, and they live up to the faith of the people; The warriors are bloody and heroic, and their eyes are firm, conveying the enemy's perseverance in the former home and country, and will not retreat; The female characters are calm and powerful, showing that the heavy responsibility is on the shoulders and determined to serve the country. The characters with different identities have different styles, but their eyes are resolute, revealing the determination of Chinese to work together and defend the country when they faced challenges.

With the goal of high quality and authenticity, the crew thought deeply about the character styling of each character, whether it was clothing or accessories. Since the audience is very familiar with the image of the great man, the crew meticulously modified the cheekbones and foreheads of the actors who played the great man to make them closer to the character prototype. For the styling of fictional characters, the crew broke the tradition on the basis of consulting a large number of materials. For example, Wu Benzheng (played by Zhu Yawen), who is a returned military industry expert, the crew refers to the combination of Chinese and Western dressing styles of many returned scientists in the early days of the founding of the People's Republic of China, and matches them with suits and glasses, trying to express their broader love for the nation. For each volunteer soldier, film styling director Chen Tongxun said in an interview: "Every time we are injured by volunteers, we must have a very strong vision and admiration. "The crew is sincere, trying to restore the couragelessness and heroism of the volunteer soldiers to the greatest extent through every drop of blood, every wound and even every drop of sweat and tears in the pores, and pay tribute to the heroes.

The movie "Volunteers: Heroic Attack" is produced by China Film Co., Ltd., co-produced by China News Network, distributed by China Film Co., Ltd., directed by Chen Kaige, and the film will be released nationwide on September 2023, 9. (End)