Noting that there have been fatal accidents in which carbon dioxide poisoning is believed to have occurred due to dry ice for cold storage that is put in the casket, the Consumer Affairs Agency and others are calling for caution not to put your face in the casket when saying goodbye to the deceased.

According to the Consumer Affairs Agency, there have been three fatal accidents nationwide over the past two to three years Reiwa in which dry ice for cold insulation placed in a casket inhales vaporized carbon dioxide and is thought to have caused poisoning.

, there have been reports of people falling near the casket with the small window open or
losing consciousness with their face in the casket, and it is thought that the accident occurred by talking to the deceased in the casket in a situation where there were no people around, such as during a turn without sleeping.

In response to the accident, the National Consumer Affairs Center conducted an experiment to measure the concentration of carbon dioxide by putting 2 kg of dry ice in a casket, and when the coffin lid was closed, the concentration rose rapidly, exceeding 3%, which is said to cause immediate loss of consciousness after 3 minutes, and rising to about 10% after 20 hours.

After that, when the lid was opened, the concentration decreased, but even after 30 minutes after opening the lid, the concentration was more than 4%.

The Consumer Affairs Agency considers caskets filled with dry ice to easily fill with carbon dioxide, so in addition
to not putting your face in the casket when saying goodbye to the deceased ▽ Adequate
ventilation in the room ▽ Do not
be left alone just in case. We are urging people to stay away from the coffin as soon as they feel unwell.