Urumqi, 9 Sep (Zhongxin Net) -- On 20 September, this reporter learned from the Xinjiang Tuoxun County Cultural and Tourism Bureau that the county will hold the fifth Xinjiang (Tuoxun County) Noodle Cultural Tourism Festival during this year's Mid-Autumn Festival National Day.

Toxon County special noodle display. Photo by Li Jinghai

With the theme of "Xinjiang's First Toxun Noodles", this year's noodle festival will further promote the in-depth integration and development of the local agriculture, culture and tourism industry through cultural tourism festivals, comprehensively create an "upgraded version" of cultural tourism industry development, and promote the comprehensive development of Toxun noodles, characteristic black sheep and other industries.

Various noodles are displayed at the noodle festival. Photo by Li Jinghai

The event will start on September 9 and last until October 30, running throughout the Mid-Autumn Festival National Day holiday. At the opening ceremony, in addition to the traditional folk performance, the Guinness Record certification activity of "the largest Toxon County Black Lamb Noodles" will be held on site, when a large plate of Toxon Black Lamb Noodles made of 10 kg of flour, 6 kg of black lamb and 100 kg of vegetables will bring visitors visual shock and taste bud enjoyment.

At the opening ceremony, the organizer focused on the Toxun County noodle culture, will hold the "Gold Medal Toxun Noodles" competition, through the preliminary screening, 10 excellent noodle shops from all over Xinjiang will compete in the same noodle making skills, select 3 "Gold Medal Toxon Noodles", invite Xinjiang noodle shops to make characteristic creative noodles, select gold, silver and bronze awards, and issue certificates and bonuses, and invite tourists from all over the world to taste Toxun black mutton noodles together.

Highlights of the previous "Fastest Noodle King" challenge. Photo by Li Jinghai

Tuxun County is a famous post station on the ancient Silk Road, adjacent to Urumqi in the north, because it is located at the intersection of Xinjiang's southern, northern and eastern Xinjiang, the flow of people and vehicles from the south and north often gather here to rest, eat, business travel, passers-by eat local food Toxun noodles.

In the "Gold Noodle King" competition, the chef is making the noodles. Photo by Li Jinghai

"Toxon noodles" is deeply loved by the public for its gluten, soft and delicious, and everyone who has eaten "Toxon noodles" is praised, and has become a bright business card of Xinjiang's special cuisine. With the characteristics of "six good noodles" with good water, good noodles, good vegetables, good meat, good craftsmanship and good people, it enjoys the reputation of "the world's best mixed noodles in China, China's best mixed noodles in Xinjiang, and the best mixed noodles in Xinjiang in Toxun", up to now, there are more than 200 noodle shops in Toxun County alone. (End)