Many media reports have revealed the involvement of Polish consulates in countries in Asia and Africa in facilitating work visa procedures in Poland in exchange for material bribes, so what is the story?

More than 250,2021 work visas have been granted since 5 for thousands of dollars, and visas have been granted to citizens of countries such as Iran, Pakistan, Syria and India for amounts starting from $<>,<> per visa, thus facilitating the entry of these migrants to European countries without restrictions, including those who used them to cross into the United States.

The Polish prosecutor's office charged seven people involved in speeding up the issuance of visas and placed three of them in temporary detention.

It is noteworthy that the Polish consulates were involved in this scandal and became the talk of the European press, despite the fact that most political parties in Europe adopt anti-immigrant rhetoric, and these parties usually blame migrants for the spread of crimes and thefts and accuse them of causing high unemployment rates and other reasons that justify their speeches.

Poland's conservative right-wing Law and Justice (PiS) party has since 2015 pursued a hostile policy towards migrants and refugees, refusing to accept any migrants and refugees who have arrived in the EU in recent years. A long steel wall on the border with Belarus was built to keep migrants away after large numbers began arriving there in 2021.

Transit country

Among the comments of the pioneers of social media platforms monitored by the "Shabakat" program (2023/9/20) was the tweet of Riad Al-Beqai, who pointed out that Poland is only a transit country and said: "Of course they will facilitate this matter because they have received money and know very well that their country will only be a transit country."

While the tweeter Malik Sami was surprised that the extreme right was involved in this scandal and wrote: "What surprised me when I knew that the extreme right is responsible, pocket money and serve their agenda ... What I see them by saying patriotism is cut off for them, but see their projects... They converge with populist and resonant discourses, nothing more, far from the needs of the homeland and reality."

Activist Nina pointed to the high cost of irregular migration and tweeted: "Hallelujah... In a world that paid more than this amount to risk its condition and look at the sea, and a large number of them died... People took an opportunity and paid this amount and took a visa for the resting bard."

Basma said Germany would react strongly because it was the first to be affected by the story: "None of the following took the visa remained in Poland... Chloe continued his way on other countries, the first of which is Germany, so Germany will not be silent on the subject."

As activists expected, neighboring Germany moved and Interior Minister Nancy Weiser asked her Polish counterpart to clarify and provide information on the date and number of visas that were issued and the nationalities of those who received these visas.