Saber Vivir, the magazine of health, well-being and quality of life of RTVE, returns this Saturday to La 1 as a public service program and its own production, with a renewed image and new presenters: Paula Sainz-Pardo and Jerónimo Fernández, under the direction of Alfonso García, and four after disappearing from the grid of the public chain.

The space, which began its journey in 1997, begins its 26th season with the same objective of its premiere: dissemination and education for health, through useful and practical advice to feel better, "from scientific evidence and offered by a complete team of health professionals".

"Viewers will learn how to buy and know how to eat (responsible consumption) with Beatriz Robles, Juan Revenga and Andrea Calderón, who will choose in the market those foods that are most recommended for the health of the whole family," says RTVE. And with the chemist Marta León and the biologist Tamara Pazos, they will be able to better understand what nutrients our body needs and how it metabolizes them to have the energy we need.

The chefs Sergio Fernández and Marta Verona will prepare the best dishes to take care of the body. Sergio Fernández will bet on the kitchen of use, to get the most out of seasonal foods with original recipes. And Marta Verona will give the healthiest version of each dish: no added sugar, no salt, less fat, more satiating and with fewer calories.

In the section In good shape, the personal trainer David Navarro and the physiotherapist and pilates teacher Pilar Caballero will explain how to take care of the postures and the practice of the best strength and resistance exercises to be strong and flexible at all ages.

Mental and emotional health will be handled by specialists such as neuroscientist Nazareth Castellanos and psychiatrist Pilar Molina, who will teach how the brain works and what to do to calm anxiety, improve mood and gain personal self-esteem.

The doctors and nurses of Saber Vivir, the digestive health specialist Gonzalo Guerra; emergency physician Carmen Alegría; the dermatologist Rosa Molina and Héctor Castiñeira "Saturated Nurse", will discover the keys to a healthy lifestyle, which prevents diseases and extends life expectancy. In addition to analyzing the false myths that continue to surround health and that are spread on websites and social networks.

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