In the early morning of the 21st, a man who was a trailer driver who caused a lone accident on the Metropolitan Expressway in Sumida Ward, Tokyo, was run over by a truck coming from behind and died. On the other hand, there are reports that another car left the scene after colliding with the man, and the police are investigating the possibility of a hit-and-run.

At around 21:2 a.m. on the 10st, a series of reports were received that a trailer was in flames on the uphill line of the Metropolitan Expressway in Sumida-ku, Tokyo.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, the trailer caught fire after causing a lone accident and was extinguished about two hours later, but when the man driving the trailer got out of the car after the accident, he was run over by a truck running from behind and died.

Police arrested a man in his 2s who was driving the truck on suspicion of manslaughter by negligent driving.

On the other hand, this man said that "another car hit the man and then left", so the police are investigating the possibility of a hit-and-run incident and confirming the identity of the deceased male driver.

The site was near the junction with the Komagata parking area on the Metropolitan Expressway up line, and the road was temporarily closed near the site.