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Road blockade of the »Last Generation« in Berlin

Photo: Sebastian Gollnow / dpa

A climate activist of the "Last Generation" has been fined in Berlin for participating in road blockades and also writing a slogan on the façade of the Federal Chancellery. The district court of Berlin-Tiergarten imposed a total fine of 80 daily rates of 15 euros each on the 22-year-old for damage to property and resistance to enforcement officers – a total of 1200 euros.

It was about road blockades in the spring and summer of last year. In part, he is said to have stuck to the roadway. He is said to have smeared "Where is Olaf" on the Chancellery. The prosecution also accused him of coercion, but he was not convicted.

In March, another activist was fined for graffiti at the Chancellery. Henning Jeschke was sentenced in absentia to a total of 140 daily rates of ten euros each for attempted coercion, resistance to law enforcement officers and damage to property, taking into account an earlier penalty order that had already become final. The 23-year-old had also participated in several road blockades in Berlin in March and June 2022 and sprayed the Federal Chancellery.