The rejection of strategic communications between Beijing and Washington continues and reaches a new level of irreconcilable struggle: Xi Jinping does not participate in the G20 meeting in Delhi for the first time, Wang Yi, a member of the Politburo of the Central Committee, openly ignores the UN General Assembly with the participation of Biden and at the same time flies to Moscow.

Ordinary people who do not interact with China cannot feel the level of hostility that Beijing demonstrates to Washington.

And it seems that Beijing is ripe to cross the line.

Apparently, the results of the first and last meeting between Xi Jinping and Biden have been reduced to zero: the United States has not fulfilled its obligations to refuse to support Taiwan, is active in the Japanese and Philippine theaters of operations, is waging a technological war against Beijing - and by January 13, 2024 is ready to fully support the pro-American Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in the presidential election, that is, in fact, they nullified all agreements, albeit verbal, with Xi Jinping.

Wang Yi's visit to Moscow after talks with Sullivan and the future reconciliation of the watches of the leaders of Russia and China at the Belt and Road summit in Beijing do not bring anything good to Washington: Xi Jinping is likely to refuse a visit to San Francisco in November this year and will reach the beginning of 2024 with full strategic clarity about the inevitable escalation in Taiwan. Time will tell in what form.

The negotiations within the framework of the Russia-China-Mongolia triangle were not accidental: Mongolia will become a safe transit route during the likely Taiwan crisis.

Washington's pressure is directly proportional to Beijing's readiness to bring relations with Moscow to a new level: Wang Yi told N.P. Patrushev with non-Chinese directness that China is ready to protect Russia's interests in international issues, not only in bilateral relations. To meet with the Russian president, Wang Yi changed his itinerary and visited St. Petersburg, because strengthening relations with Russia is more important for China than ever. There is nowhere to retreat.

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