Regarding five papers, including research results published by a research group at Hokkaido University in the global scientific journal Science, the university has published the results of a survey that showed that experimental data was fabricated or falsified in more than 5 places.

This was revealed by Hokkaido University at a press conference on the 20th.

A research group led by Professor Masaya Sawamura of Hokkaido University published five papers in the four years leading up to Ototoshi, and the paper published in 4 was published in the scientific journal "Science" as a new technology that leads to the production of environmentally friendly plastics from vegetable oils such as soybeans.

Both papers were written by Filipino researchers who are now retired, and although they have already been retracted in April last year after anonymous accusations pointing out fraud, a subsequent university investigation found forgery or falsification in a total of 5 places, including experimental data.

While the university stated that it could not dispose of the researcher who wrote the paper because he had retired, it said that it would deal with Professor Sawamura, who was in charge, appropriately in the future.

Vice President Takao Masuda said, "We deeply apologize for the loss of trust, and we will take measures to prevent this situation from happening again and thoroughly educate on research ethics."