Haikou, September 9 (Reporter Fu Yuqun) The reporter learned from the Hainan Provincial Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports (hereinafter referred to as the Hainan Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Department) on the 20th that since the advance compensation mechanism for tourism consumption complaints in various cities and counties in Hainan (except Sansha) was put into operation on August 19, as of September 8, a total of 25,9 honest merchants in Hainan have settled on the "Hainan Assured Tour" platform.

What should I do if I encounter a short pound? How to complain if the service attitude is not good? Who are trustworthy and honest merchants? If you have problems traveling in Hainan, look for "Hainan Rest Assured Tour". The reporter learned that at present, all cities and counties in Hainan (except Sansha) have established a working mechanism for the advance payment of tourism consumption complaints "Hainan Assured Tour" WeChat public account, WeChat mini program and Alipay mini program, and Hainan has established a working mechanism for the first payment of tourism consumption complaints through "unified compensation principles, unified acceptance procedures, and unified processing time limits" to create a high-quality tourism consumption environment.

At present, the "Hainan Assured Tour" platform has integrated tourism public services in 18 cities and counties in Hainan (except Sansha), providing citizens and tourists with functions such as local honest merchant viewing, online complaints, advance compensation, product purchase, merchant evaluation, tax exemption, taxi, and rights collection. Citizens and tourists can search for "Hainan Assured Tour" through WeChat public account, mini program and Alipay mini program to enter the platform, and the subsequent platform will gradually cover ecosystems such as "Douyin" and "Kuaishou", and fully provide advance compensation services for tourism consumption complaints.

According to the Hainan Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Department, up to now, the "Hainan Assured Tour" platform has undertaken a total of 487 complaints, including 168 complaints about entering the Assured Travel Protection Merchants, 10 work orders that meet the conditions for advance compensation, and a total of 24936,3.40 yuan of advance compensation funds. The advance compensation was not implemented, but through the "Hainan Rest Assured Tour" complaint to promote rapid processing, solve the problem 21976 times, and recover the loss of 88,<>.<> yuan from consumers.

The reporter learned that with the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays approaching, Hainan recently held a meeting to arrange and deploy the comprehensive supervision of the National Day holiday tourism and cultural market and the work of the tourism peak season, requiring all cities and counties to make good use of the tourism consumption complaint advance compensation mechanism, optimize the advance compensation platform, actively guide local enterprises to include in the credit compensation list, accelerate the promotion of more enterprises to settle in the advance compensation platform, and at the same time increase publicity efforts, improve the awareness rate and influence of tourism consumption complaints in advance compensation, and guide more tourists to know and use Hainan Rest Assured Tour" platform.

The relevant person in charge of the Hainan Provincial Tourism Department said that in the next step, the "Hainan Assured Tour" platform will focus on the goal of full coverage of the tourism-related consumption field, and continuously expand the types of industries and the number of merchants settled. At the same time, online will be combined with credit systems such as "Golden Coconut Score" and "Sesame Credit Score" to create a "honest business district", shorten the freezing time of advance compensation funds, quickly and efficiently resolve consumer complaints, and improve consumer satisfaction; Offline promotion and use of "assured consumption code" to achieve the functional closed loop of "code check", "code evaluation", "code management" and "code payment", so that "safe travel to Hainan" has become the norm. (End)