Haidong City, Qinghai Province:

Changing customs and customs into the hearts of the people, civilization and new wind are blowing (new atmosphere, new actions)

Reporter He Yong and Wang Mei of this newspaper

Holding publicity campaigns on civilized marriage customs; Hold a "Tree Civilization New Wind" youth blind date party... Since the beginning of this year, Haidong City, Qinghai Province has carried out a series of creative and attractive activities to promote the change of customs.

In recent years, Haidong City's economy and society have developed rapidly, but in some areas, especially in rural areas, the customs of high bride price, thick burial and poor maintenance, large-scale operations, and blind comparison have risen and have become more and more intense. To this end, Haidong City has promulgated and implemented the Regulations on the Promotion of Changing Customs and Customs in Haidong City, taking multiple measures to promote the work of changing customs and customs, and achieving obvious results.

Earnestly establish a new style of civilization

"Weddings and funerals should be thrifty, and the consumption of favors should be practiced..." The river on stage was sonorous and powerful, and the audience applauded continuously. All districts and counties of Haidong City take advantage of holidays to carry out literary and artistic activities, take changing customs and establishing a new style of civilization as the starting point, and interact with citizens in an easy-to-understand and popular way.

As early as 2018, Haidong City began to implement the change of customs, on the basis of fully considering the customs, ethnic habits and other factors, the mature and stable and effective experience and practices accumulated in various places in changing customs were summarized and refined, and two years later the "Regulations on the Promotion of Haidong City to Change Customs and Customs" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") was formed, which was the first legislation on the work of changing customs and customs, which was the first case in the country.

"The promulgation of the Regulations provides a legal guarantee for the city to promote the change of customs and customs, marking that the city's work of changing customs and customs has entered the track of rule of law." Luo Jianjun, director of the Haidong Civil Affairs Bureau, said that all counties (districts) in Haidong City have actively implemented the "Regulations", set up a leading group for the work of changing customs and customs headed by the main responsible comrades of the party and government, held special meetings to make arrangements, and formulated and issued guiding opinions and implementation plans in light of actual conditions.

"All counties, districts, townships and towns in Haidong City have devoted themselves to institutionalizing, normalizing, and standardizing the change of customs, providing an institutional guarantee for promoting the work of changing customs and customs, forming a work pattern of grasping the general work at the county level, grasping the details in townships and towns, and grasping the work of villages (communities), selecting a number of outstanding village rules and people's agreements, and summarizing and accumulating a large number of practical and effective experiences, rules, and systems." The relevant person in charge of the Haidong Civil Affairs Bureau said.

Haidong City has also continuously improved the regulations on party members and cadres taking the lead in changing customs, urging party members and cadres to consciously resist over-standard and over-scale wedding and funeral banquets and personal exchanges, and set an example for the masses. At the same time, the opposition to bad customs and habits should be regarded as an important part of grassroots social governance and the building of spiritual civilization.

At present, Haidong has built a total of 16 demonstration townships, 53 demonstration villages and 10 demonstration communities for changing customs and customs. The establishment of systems and institutional settings such as village rules and people's conventions, residents' conventions, honor rolls for changing customs and changing customs and supervisory boards have achieved full coverage of villages (communities), laying the foundation for comprehensively promoting the work of changing customs and customs in the city.

Give play to the exemplary role of advanced models

Recently, a series of activities themed "Shifting Customs, Cultivating New Winds, Promoting Filial Piety and Spreading Virtues" was held in Dazhuang Village, Donggou Township, Haidong Mutual Assistance Turkish Autonomous County. Niu Jianshun, secretary of the party branch of Dazhuang Village, said: "We have held the 41st filial piety and respect for the elderly, and the purpose of holding such activities is to form a good custom of kindness and respect for the elderly in the village. ”

It is understood that the 16 administrative villages of Donggou Township will hold filial piety and respect for the elderly as scheduled every year, carry out activities to create and evaluate moral models, "good mothers-in-law and good daughters-in-law", "five-star civilized households", "clean beauty courtyards" and so on, deeply explore the advanced figures around the masses who can "see, learn, and evaluate", and through continuing to tell good and touching stories, select advanced models, and carry out moral models and good people around them to learn and publicize activities in the whole township. The creation and evaluation activities of advanced models inspire villagers to be virtuous and good.

Members of the leading bodies of the two committees of various villages in Donggou Township, members of the Red and White Council, cadres of workers and young women, and moral models took the lead in handling red and white affairs simply, forming a good atmosphere of advocating thrift.

In recent years, Haidong City has carried out a series of moral cultivation activities, guiding cadres and people of all ethnic groups in the city to love the party and the country, be upward and benevolent, be filial to the elderly, love their relatives, be righteous and trustworthy, be diligent and thrifty, and change the "crooked style" and be prone to "vulgarity". Starting from the formation of good habits, focus on the details of daily life, guide the masses to speak civilized words, do civilized things, and be civilized people, and improve the civilized quality of the masses and the degree of social civilization. From the perspective of the whole city, changing customs and customs is brought with points, and the demonstration has obvious effect.

At the same time, Haidong continues to promote the selection of civilization creation such as "civilized units" and "civilized families", uses typical forces to motivate and drive the whole society to promote healthy tendencies and promote harmony, takes changing customs and customs as the entry point to promote the construction of spiritual civilization, highlights publicity and education, creates a strong atmosphere, and promotes the implementation of socialist core values in the city.

Stimulate new momentum in rural governance

In April this year, the micro-movie "Riverside Mu Xinfeng" in Xunhua Salar Autonomous County, Haidong City, was filmed in Yirihai Village, Baizhuang Town. "The purpose of shooting this micro-film on the theme of changing customs and changing customs is to further strengthen propaganda and education, deepen the ideological understanding of the masses, and consolidate the achievements of changing customs and customs." Li Xiaoting, director of the Publicity Department of the Xunhua County Party Committee, introduced.

Han Yilasi, secretary of the party branch of Yirihai Village, said: "The policy of simple red and white happy events is good, so that the villagers bid farewell to the burden of human favor and travel lightly. In the past, the wedding bride price was too heavy, and many families could not afford to marry their daughters-in-law, so they borrowed debts everywhere. ”

Today, Yirihai Village has a simple standard for weddings and funerals, actively cultivates new concepts of marriage and childbirth, and gradually breaks the stereotypes. "The work of changing customs is really a big project that benefits the people. Now, the burden on the common people is lighter, and life is more promising. Han Yila Si said.

In the past, there were many names such as red and white happy events, wedding and funeral private invitations, and school banquets in Xunhua County, and in order to save face, they compared with each other, and the phenomenon of extravagance and waste was serious. Since the promulgation of the Regulations, counties, townships and villages have made concerted efforts to act quickly to carry out door-to-door policy publicity to clearly explain to villagers the benefits of changing customs and the specific contents involved in the Regulations.

"At first, people didn't understand it very well, and they felt that it was contrary to the customs passed down from generation to generation. When the burden is really minused, everyone applauds. The Regulations are a strong legal support for our work. Han Yila Si said.

"Forming a fist, Xunhua County gives full play to the role of rural grassroots party organizations, establishes mass autonomous organizations such as villagers' councils and moral appraisal councils, and attracts highly respected people to actively participate in publicizing, guiding, and supervising the work of changing customs and customs, so as to stimulate the endogenous driving force of rural governance." Wang Wenjia, director of the Organization Department of the Xunhua County Party Committee, said.

Haidong City combined the "Regulations" to guide villages to revise and improve village rules and people's agreements, incorporate changing customs into village rules and people's agreements, and encourage the masses to sign the "Letter of Commitment to Change Customs". When children get married, children are born, the elderly die, or houses are built, do a good job of publicity and guidance, and establish and improve supervision and incentive mechanisms.

According to the figures of the Haidong Civil Affairs Bureau, until the end of 2022, 1656,8500 administrative villages (communities) in the city have formulated village rules and people's conventions (residents' conventions) and established red and white councils. The city held 7210,14531 new weddings, 10,<> simple funerals, and <>,<> other happy events, saving a total of about <> billion yuan. (People's Daily Overseas Edition)