Lanzhou Urban Renovation selected 100 "exquisite door plaques" for the first time

Eliminate the side of a thousand stores and maintain the personality of the plaque at the door

This newspaper news (reporter Kang Jin) The national trendy "Keda glasses", the nostalgic tone of "Laojie Li Kee Department Store", the antique "Jincheng Small Courtyard", the youthful and cool "Xingye Camp Hot Pot"... These stunning door plaques on the streets of Lanzhou, Gansu Province, not only were not "forcibly demolished", but also appeared on the podium of the excellent door plaque commendation conference.

Recently, the Lanzhou Urban Management Committee held a commendation meeting in Lanzhou Dongfanghong Square, and grandly commended 100 outstanding merchants and outstanding organizational units with plaques.

In May this year, Lanzhou City launched the "Exquisite Door Plaque" selection activity. After the recommendation of the urban management law enforcement departments of the main urban areas and high-tech zones in the city, more than 5,1160 merchants and units participated in the preliminary selection, and after three rounds of strict evaluation, a total of 3 outstanding door plaques with the first, second and third prizes were finally selected by the expert jury.

Lanzhou City clearly put forward in the selection that "the entrance plaque must meet the mainstream aesthetic standards, meet the function of the door plaque while playing a role in beautifying and embellishing the overall building and street", "In principle, the same is prohibited, and it is required to have its own characteristics and integrate with the overall style of the building, avoiding a thousand stores", "must not block the glass curtain wall and windows of the building, and does not affect the lighting and fire safety of the building", which were well received by the public, and many merchants actively participated.

The plaques on the doors of the streets and alleys of the city are not only an important part of the cityscape, but also an important window to display the characteristics of the city and promote regional culture. However, in the past period, some places have gone to extremes in the rectification, making "the whole street" and "the whole city is the same", which has attracted a lot of complaints on the Internet.

It is precisely in order to correct such overkill, in recent years, some cities have explored and introduced regulations, technical specifications, management guidelines, etc. related to outdoor advertising facilities, plaque signs and slogan publicity materials, etc., to "establish new regulations" for plaques at the head of the city, hoping to fully reflect the original characteristics and styles of shops, reflect culture and beauty, and avoid "one-size-fits-all".

Lanzhou's first selection of 100 "exquisite door plaques" this year, Lanzhou urban management system fully implements the "people-centered" urban construction concept, in accordance with the requirements of optimizing and improving the business environment, the approval, cleaning, demolition efficient integration, and street pillar advertising, roof advertising, wall advertising and commercial plaques to carry out a comprehensive safety inspection, through evaluation to promote reform, evaluation to promote efficiency, evaluation to promote governance, improve the level of urban door plaque design and setting, promote the urban façade environment beautification, Improvement of the image and quality of the city.

"The plaque on the front of the door has personality, and entrepreneurship adds confidence." Yang Hongmei, the winner and the person in charge of the Xiaodang Barbecue Restaurant in Lanzhou's Chengguan District, believes that the city streets with full personality and colorful colors can not only become a "check-in place" for citizens and tourists, but also the best commitment of city managers to promote consumption and prosper the economy. (Daily Worker)