Due to the record-breaking heat, dairy cows have died one after another in Tohoku Town, Aomori Prefecture, and it has been a major blow to the local dairy industry.

According to Tohoku Town, Aomori Prefecture, more than 2 beef and dairy cows died in the two months until last month, when the record heat continued at the ranch in the town, which is about twice as many as at the same time last year.

At Nodagashira Akitoshi's dairy farm, which raises more than 2 dairy cows, fans were turned on and mist sprayed in the barn as a measure against the extreme heat, but four cows died, and about 70 cows had to be sent for slaughter because they could not stand up or their reproductive capacity deteriorated.

In addition, many of the other cows also became ill one after another, and the milk production at this dairy in the two months to last month was about 240 tons less than usual, which is a blow to management.

Mr. Nodagashira said, "It was the first time that the extreme heat lasted so long and we could not cope with it, and it is very unfortunate that such damage has occurred."