【Commentary】On September 9, the torch relay ceremony of the 20th Asian Games in Hangzhou returned to Hangzhou Station, after the torch was completed in 19 cities including Huzhou, Jiaxing and Shaoxing, with a total distance of 10.110 kilometers.

The reporter saw on the Hangzhou City Balcony at the departure point that many citizens spontaneously came to observe the torch relay ceremony, and the scene was very lively. In the interview, the top three torchbearers Chen Yufei, Shi Yigong and Guo Jingjing all said that they were very excited to become torchbearers, and it was of great significance to feel the atmosphere of the Asian Games in Hangzhou and talk about sportsmanship.

【Contemporaneous】Torchbearer Chen Yufei

This time in Hangzhou feels very different, because it is my own hometown, and then I also hope to have a better mental outlook to welcome this time the torch running and the Asian Games. I hope I can have the best performance, then show it in Hangzhou, then show it in front of my hometown fathers and fellow villagers, and then I will give my all to treat every game. I think the torch is very meaningful, and then it is also very sacred, including sports like badminton, in fact, it is also passed down from generation to generation, I think it is all related, so I think it is a good ceremony, a good meaning.

[Contemporaneous] torchbearer Shi Yigong

It is a microcosm, it can be said that whether it is a half horse or a full horse, it may not be comparable to such a 50-meter torch relay, the torch relay it is more of a condensation. I think what sportsmanship and scientific research have in common is that they are endless, whether it is sports or scientific research, there will always be better, farther, higher, there is no best, farthest and highest. So we can only keep exercising, enterprising, exploring, and researching.

【Contemporaneous】Torchbearer Guo Jingjing

I think sports bring me a spirit of perseverance, starting from the time I was an athlete, it taught me to persevere, how to struggle, how to let myself see a light in times of adversity. Today I feel everyone's enthusiasm here and feel that I have also done a little bit for the Asian Games.

【Commentary】It is understood that a total of 203 torchbearers participated in the torch relay of Hangzhou Station. Starting from Hangzhou City Balcony, then along the River Greenway - Xixing Bridge - Internet of Things Town, etc., and finally entered the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center and held a fire closing ceremony. After the last torchbearer, Wu Yixiang, arrived at the Olympic Sports Square, he took the stage to display the torch, lit the tinder pot, and completed the offline torch relay of this Asian Games with the fire guard to welcome back the flame.

【Contemporaneous】Torchbearer Wu Yixiang

I felt very touched in my heart, tears rolled in my eyes, including when I got out of the car, everyone kept calling my name to cheer me on, which gave me a lot of different motivation. The last time I competed in my hometown was like the 10-year-old group and the 8-year-old group, and then after all these years, I rerepresented the country as a professional player, representing the city where I grew up. I think there will be pressure, but I think I will enjoy this game very much.

Reporting by reporters Shen Yishan and Wu Liujing from Hangzhou

Responsible Editor: [Ji Xiang]