Residents walk less than 15 minutes to the community's "one-stop" convenience service hall, kindergarten, supermarket, farmers' market, health room, bus stop and other places, and can enjoy the convenient service of the life circle at their doorstep - this is what the reporter saw in the Panlong community of Liaoyuan Town, Tongzi County, Guizhou a few days ago.

Panlong Community is the largest relocation community in Tongzi County, with a total of 20,1250 people from 4713,2800 households in more than 16 townships and streets in the county. Treating the sick, learning and teaching, and earning income from hard work are the issues that the community is most concerned about. In the Panlong Community Health Center, several doctors sit on duty every day, providing convenient medical services for community residents in accordance with the principle of keeping minor illnesses out of the community and the lowest diagnosis and treatment costs. In the community, a kindergarten covering an area of nearly 200,144 square meters, equipped with <> preschool teachers with teaching qualifications, can accommodate <> children into the kindergarten, and currently has enrolled <> community children; The community has also opened a poverty alleviation workshop and introduced a garment manufacturing enterprise, and dozens of workers are busy making orders every day, all of whom are residents of the community.

In recent years, focusing on the main service line of "convenience, benefit and benefit to the people", Tongzi County has accelerated the construction of the "quarter-hour convenient living circle" in relocation and resettlement communities, with a 15-minute walk as the radius, and constantly improved public services such as community clothing, food, housing and transportation, so as to meet the diversified living needs of community people and effectively enhance residents' sense of convenience, acquisition and happiness. (Pu Wensi, Wan Lianlian)

Responsible Editor: [Zhou Chi]