Zhongxin Wanghai, September 9 (Reporter Chen Jing) The autographed manuscript of scientist Albert Einstein appeared in Shanghai on September 19. Dozens of masterpieces by Chinese and foreign masterpieces were exhibited at the same time.

The Einstein manuscript appears in Shanghai. (Photo courtesy of Christie's)

Christie's Shanghai Auction Ten Years Shanghai Pre-opening Exhibition is imminent, and the reporter visited the exhibition in advance on the 19th. According to reports, the English translation of this manuscript was first published in the New York Times Special Supplement on February 1929, 2, under the title "The Old and New Field Theory." At that time, Einstein was commissioned by the New York Times to explain special and general relativity in relatively simple forms in response to public interest in his theory. Thus, the manuscript was born.

The manuscript documents Einstein's "journey to the history of field theory." In the manuscript, Einstein tells the history of the discovery of the theory of relativity, explains how it works, and looks forward to the possibility of completing the cycle of relativity in the "unified field theory".

The 14-page manuscript contains two equations and a diagram of the space-time continuum; Among them, two pages of the manuscript have scientific formulas written on the back. At the scene, the reporter saw that the manuscript paper on display was slightly yellowed, and the handwriting was neat and beautiful.

Chinese and foreign famous artists are exhibited. (Photo by China News Network reporter Chen Jing)

This year, Christie's celebrates its 10th anniversary in Shanghai, showcasing the highlights of the 10th Anniversary Series. Francis Belin, president of Christie's Asia Pacific, told reporters on the same day: "Chinese mainland has always been an important market that Christie's attaches great importance to. As Christie's Shanghai celebrates its 10th anniversary, we will present a series of curated auctions and art events that document and review the evolution of Chinese collectors' tastes over the past decade. This is not only a celebration, but also a celebration to highlight the significant contribution made by the mainland market. ”

Pang Zhifeng said that this year, a large number of new buyers Chinese mainland participated in Christie's global auctions, highlighting the huge potential of the Chinese market. Over the past decade, Christie's art spaces in Shanghai and Beijing have continued to innovate Chinese digital platforms to share art knowledge and collecting experiences with Chinese collectors and promote Chinese art. "This is what we will continue to promise and deepen over the next decade and beyond," he said. ”

Yang Yuancao, Chairman of Christie's China, said: "As the first international auction house to be licensed to hold an independent auction in Chinese mainland, we are very honored to actively participate in the development of the Chinese mainland art ecosystem over the past decade. "We are deeply grateful to the government, collectors and art lovers for their unwavering support, and we look forward to a new dialogue with you in the future." She said.

Masterpieces by Chinese and foreign masterpieces are exhibited. (Photo courtesy of Christie's))

On the same day, the reporter saw that at the same time as Einstein's manuscript, there were also works of Wu Dayu, Zao Wou-ki, Zhu Teh-Chun, Zhu Ming and other masters of the oriental modern art world, and Western masterpieces such as Picasso. (End)