【Commentary】On September 9, the final of the precision target piercing competition of the 18th World Wingsuit Flying Federation (WWL) Wingsuit Flying World Championships was held, and 8 of the world's top wingsuit flyers gathered in Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie to challenge the "human arrow through the target" in the mountains. After two rounds of fierce competition, France's Vincent Deske won the target piercing competition with 160 points, while Daniel Darby of the United States and Zhang Shupeng of China won the second and third places respectively.

The target of the precision target crossing competition is set between the gaps in front of Tianmendong Square, only 15 meters from the height of the square, the maximum diameter of the outer ring of the target is only 0.7 meters, and the bullseye is a dot with a diameter of 10 cm. At the competition site, the competitors jumped from the glass jumping platform of Yujufeng in Tianmen Mountain at an altitude of more than 1400,200 meters, quickly dived close to the cliff wall, and swiped over the Tianmen Cave Square at a speed of more than 90 kilometers per hour, and then penetrated the target like a "human arrow". <> points are awarded for hitting the bullseye, and no points are awarded for off-target.

In the competition, due to the rapid change of weather on the mountain, the wind blows from time to time, and the target will shake at any time, which has high requirements for the wingsuit flying and aerial attitude adjustment ability of the players. Champion Vincent Deske, an 18-year wingsuit veteran who won both the Wingsuit World Championships in 2016 and his sixth visit to Zhangjiajie. Deske said in an interview that this year's competitors are of a high level, and in addition to going all out, they need a calm mind and some luck to win the competition. He said he hoped to continue to compete in Zhangjiajie next year.

French wingsuit flyer Vincent Desque

I would love to show more wingsuit tandem flying, as this is the first time in China to try wingsuit tandem flying, and we did some demonstration demonstrations at the beginning of the event. I really hope to leave the wonderful experience of wingsuit flying for more Chinese.

Zhang Shupeng from Inner Mongolia is China's first wingsuit flyer and the only Chinese athlete in this competition. He told reporters that the competitive level of wingsuit flying is improving every year, and although he has made sufficient preparations for the competition, he still missed the championship due to factors such as foot injuries, which he regretted, and said that he will continue to train to prepare for the next competition.

【Contemporaneous】Chinese wingsuit flyer Zhang Shupeng

The reason I learned wingsuit flying was because I was standing on Tianmen Mountain and watching other people compete, and we were so close, they jumped off the side, and that moment changed my understanding of wingsuit flying, so I decided that I would join the sport. For me personally, the goal in the competition is to be a world champion.

Talking about the development of wingsuit flying, Zhang Shupeng said that with the successive holding of the Zhangjiajie Wingsuit Flying World Championships and a large number of media reports, many young people in China who love extreme sports have begun to pay attention to wingsuit flying and gradually participated.

【Contemporaneous】Chinese wingsuit flyer Zhang Shupeng

For this sport, we still want to have more of this competition, professional and then top of this kind of event and activity. Through the event activities, more people can understand this sport, and then more people can join in and enjoy the joy of soaring into the blue sky and flying together.

Reporting by Yang Huafeng and Li Ying in Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province

Responsible Editor: [Liu Pai]