Beijing, September 9 (Reporter Li Shuangnan) A few days ago, SS19 Beijing Fashion Week Fashion Expo opened in Beijing. It is reported that the exhibition will last until September 2024.

This fashion fair plans four major content sections of fashion design, fashion art, fashion culture and fashion activities, with fashion design, culture and art, cultural and creative trendy play, intangible cultural heritage innovative design, lifestyle, etc. as the theme to build a "fashion +" exhibition ecology. At the same time, it will link up with brands such as Internet celebrity catering in the neighborhood to create a characteristic exhibition with regional industrial linkage.

This fashion fair is the first new attempt of Beijing Fashion Week, bringing together the original fashion Beijing exhibition, WEEK UP trend exhibition, international photo exhibition and other advantageous resources, and cooperating with Beijing Friendship Store, Beijing Normal University Education Foundation Mantianxing National Culture Communication Public Welfare Fund and other institutions to create rich and diversified exhibition content, give play to the leading role of the Beijing Fashion Week industry, and maximize industry exchanges and cooperation.

Among them, the fashion art exhibition area brings together fashion art works by emerging artists in many fields such as international film exhibitions, installation art, and painting. Through the lens of fashion, the participating artists present their unique insights into fashion, society and culture through the lens of fashion, with their unique creative methods and visual language. The fashion activities section integrates art performances, intangible cultural heritage experiences, creative releases, industry forums, theme salons, fashion open classes and other activity forms, bringing together fashion culture and art and exchanges and cooperation, providing a fashion audio-visual feast for the audience.

The exhibition is organized by Beijing Dongcheng District People's Government, Beijing Radio and Television Station, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Beijing Garment and Textile Industry Association and Beijing Fashion Holding Co., Ltd. (End)