China News Network Jinzhong, September 9 Topic: Shanxi "post-19s" disabled people realize the dream of traditional Chinese medicine: willing to bring more people a little light

Written by Wu Qiong

"I hope that through my own experience, I can give a little light and inspiration to people like me or similar experiences, so that they feel that we can also do something meaningful to society and be a useful person to society." In Yuci District, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province, 28-year-old Zhang Xiaoteng said.

Zhang Xiaoteng treats villagers. Photo by Gao Qi

A childhood illness caused hearing loss and neurological deafness. Zhang Xiaoteng told reporters, "Because my ears are bad, people rarely communicate with me, and they may think that I am a relatively different child, and I have also suffered some discrimination." ”

The enlightenment of his parents and the help of his teachers have become the biggest help for him on the road to growth. "The most important thing is that my parents enlightened and cared for me, and always comforted me not to care. There were also some teachers who encouraged me from my point of view, helped me solve problems when encountered, and I still keep in touch with the teachers. ”

Zhang Xiaoteng flipped through the medical book. Photo by Fan Shuqi

With the help of everyone and as he grew up, Zhang Xiaoteng's mentality also changed, from being anxious and unacceptable at the beginning, to gradually accepting this reality and "embracing" life. When he was in middle school, he came into contact with some disabled children, watched the Paralympic Games on TV, and saw the positive stories of disabled people in the media, which inspired him a lot and made him stronger and more confident.

Influenced by his grandmother, in Zhang Xiaoteng's heart, he has cherished a dream of Chinese medicine since he was a child. "When I was a child, I often watched my grandmother's acupuncture, and I was very interested in Chinese medicine." Zhang Xiaoteng said that as an adult, with the support of his family, he bravely chased his dreams, and after inquiry, in 2018, he went to Beijing to systematically learn acupuncture techniques.

Zhang Xiaoteng treats villagers. Photo by Gao Qi

"First learn the basic theory of balanced acupuncture, and then experts will teach us the methods and experience of TCM treatment." In the process of learning Chinese medicine, from the teacher, he also learned psychological knowledge and the principles of being a person. From seeing doctors for his loved ones, to gradually maturing his technology, participating in free consultations and other activities, he has steadily and steadily grown on the road of Chinese medicine.

Chinese medicine practitioner, volunteer, rescue team member, over the years, he not only realized the dream of Chinese medicine, but also actively participated in volunteer service, and the seed of public welfare took root in his heart. "I have participated in flood relief in Henan before, as well as disaster relief in Yuncheng and Xinjian in Shanxi, as well as rescue in Zhuozhou, Hebei." Zhang Xiaoteng introduced that during the rescue period, he was mainly responsible for transporting and coordinating materials, and providing medical care for rescue team members and disaster victims.

TCM practitioner, volunteer, rescue team member, over the years, he has not only realized his dream of TCM, but also actively participated in volunteer services. Photo by Fan Shuqi

Give roses with a lingering fragrance in your hands. "When I do these things, I feel very happy to see people's smiles, not only to improve my self-worth, but also to be happy to really help them." He plans to open a clinic in his hometown to help patients in need and contribute to inheriting Chinese medicine and serving patients. (End)